Swimming above skyscrapers


I need to get a pool like this. Very mesmerizing isn’t it? This pool is located in Mumbai with the Manhattan city as the backdrop for the bottom of the pool. Imagination is in full throttle right now of what games you could play with a city like that below you. Race ya to the Empire State Building!

29 thoughts on “Swimming above skyscrapers

      1. Yeh dude! We are living the vortex age!!! Doesn’t that sound so “time travel”ish? I hope we don’t have a heat vortex this summer. Believe me, after a while the white pretty and fluffy stuff gets old. I think I’ve had enough of snow by now. I’m ready for Spring. I have things to do and places to go!!!!!!!

    1. I think for that, you’ll have to dive to the bottom of the pool and search for it with goggles. This pool really messes with depth perception. You know you’re swimming in an 8 foot pool or so, but then you get the illusion that you are actually several hundred feet above the ground. Really messed up. I’d like to search for those little NYC taxis….

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