JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 2

bitstripavatarprofilepic Hey, welcome to my weekly life in comics. This is my Avatar profile pic and my relaxed face.


So on Sunday (last week), I woke up coughing and feeling weak. By now, I thought I had developed bronchitis or even worse, the flu. I thought maybe by Monday I would be feeling better, but tis was not meant to be. I called out sick Monday and went to the doctor. The doctor seemed to ignore my weakness, but was more concerned about my asthma because my oxygen level was down to 92 percent. I was given a nebulizer treatment with a proper mouthpiece. I had accidentally melted my original nebulizer mouthpiece in my pot. I was just trying to sterilize it and completely forgot about it until the smoke alarm went off. Anyways, my nice doctor gave me a new mouthpiece and some medicine. My achy muscles and whatever flu type symptoms soon disappeared the next day.


Then this “artic vortex” showed up and provided me to finally understand what -15 degrees felt like. To this Brazilian girl who grew up in the tropics, it just confirmed that I am not made for ever living near the Artic Circle. I’d need blubber or be a whale in order to survive such frigid weather. Nevertheless, we kept warm and bundled up in many layers. It was so refreshing to hit the 20’s though! Thought I’d never say that. Then today, it went up to 60 degrees and it felt like a heatwave. Haha.


Even though I had just finished my two week vacation (plus one sick day), I had an enormous amount of deadlines to finish up at work. I was feeling the pressure, big time! I didn’t have time to eat lunch, text anyone, return phone calls or much of anything for the next 72 hours. I had a lot of running around to do when I was off of work regarding documents for the Surrogates Office pertaining to my son’s inheritance from his grandmother, getting my mom’s cable boxes and router-just a lot of things.


I felt like everyone wanted me to do things or I needed to be somewhere all at once. Being pulled in a thousand different directions is not fun.


Eventually, I put on my big girl pants and knew I had no choice, but to do my best and do what is expected of me. I accomplished all that was needed from me from work and my boss and supervisor were pleased. So was I. And surprised. Especially since I had to take 3 days off for bereavement, one day for a seminar and vacation after Christmas for two weeks and still get a great quota for the month of December. Unfortunately, for me I work very well under extreme pressure. I get things done-I’m cool as a cucumber and whip it!

bitstripconquerStill high with being able to get things done and all my work deadlines, I got a bit overconfident and secretly started plotting my world domination. Come here all my pretties!

bitstriplollipop This is so off topic, but let’s go down memory lane again with this lollipop. Doesn’t this lollipop look vaguely familiar from a picture I took of myself last year? Hm…


Oh my goodness. My hair was much shorter. How time flies. bitstripsecretingredientI finally had time to make amazing spaghetti using ground turkey instead of beef. As I tell everyone, it feels much lighter in your stomach and it’s healthier. Mmm. I love spaghetti!


Nom, nom, nom!


As you may know, I am looking for a more reliable car because my car is old and it’s just time for a change. I saw this incredible red car that I really wanted, but as of yesterday, it no longer available. Its fun looking, but I do realize cars like that get snatched up quickly. When I’m ready to buy, I must act quickly! Even IF it looks like a swan car!

bitstripawwTo relax I am trying to read all your posts when I can. I have a backlog of posts I have to check out, but the ones I have been able to see I am so blown away by them. The photos, personal experiences, movie reviews, comedy write ups and poetry are simply amazing.


But what has really made my heart melt and has given me fuzzy feelings are the sweet comments and support from my fellow bloggers. You know I’m going through a real tough time now, but you always come through and gently nudge me on to keep on blogging. I’ll always blog, but some days it’s difficult. Things will get better. I know. Thanks for hanging in there for me.

I love you all!

13 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 2

  1. Eu dei muita risada da historia dos seus quadrinhos, voçê è muito criativa ,comendo spaghetti,carro cisne Rsrsrs. Eu estou mandando muita força para voçê ,sei que voçê vai superar este momentos dificil, Ok Gatinha pra frente e avante !

    1. Heeeey, it’s my bestfriend Alex! Como vai? Sim, gostou que eu included tu em minha quadrinho? Como Monica? Rsrs! Just kidding. I used to read Monica down in Brasil. Brigado pela forca. Estou tentando sorrir, mais este semana atraz era difficil. Hopefully, this will be a better week. I know it will. I get paid this week, hehe!

    1. Awww, thanks. It’s just my allergies that have to be put in check. My asthma mimicks bronchitis sometimes when it gets real bad, which isn’t often. Hope you feel better with the cold! Take care of yourself Philip! I like the comics too. Next week I might just dragonball. Hehe!

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