Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings




My first Photo Challenge of this year! Beginnings is the theme and I thought I’d let you all see some plants that are budding. These new buds are being born in a new home and I am loving every minute of it. These little buds did not exist about 4 weeks ago when they were at my mom’s house,  so I wait with anticipation of what they will turn into. It’s fun to watch them grow as I tenderly take care of them and make sure they are always watered and getting plenty of sunlight. As I sit and admire them, I hope I am able to blossom a little this year too. Plants are a metaphor for me as everything in life is. For my new subscribers, you’ll notice I use a lot of metaphors in my blogs. I was playing around with different editing styles to capture a soft, gentle mood for my little buds as new beginnings always start off that way. The cycle of life.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings

    1. This morning when I woke up, that cute bud you were talking about starting to open up. It’s not fully open yet, but it’s well on its way. I’m a proud flower mama! 😀

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