JavaGirl’s Life in the Comics: Week 1

I know I’m a bit late with this whole comic thing, but this post was suppose to go with Saturday’s post. I’ll get it right starting with this Saturday so it makes sense. Lol! Amanda is my middle name and I use it on my Facebook page. I used my real name twice and it was hacked twice, so hence using my middle name Amanda. So don’t be confused (to those who know my real name). I tried my best to get a hairstyle with short bangs for my avatar in my comic “look”, but there weren’t any, but it’s suppose to look like me. Everything else is fine, just my bangs are missing.  Adventure Boy got his whole avatar spot on. Such a cutie pie, my boy!


Adventure Boy and I got snowed in last Friday. It was fantastic because it added one more day to my vacation. We were in awe, not in shock. We love snow. Just not the whole shoveling part.


I miss my The Walking Dead show! I miss Philip’s weekly episode review! Here I am trying my best with my new zombie friends. I think I’ve got my walking right…… Actually. I forgot to mention in my Saturday journal post that I had sprained my ankle so I was walking like a zombie for about 2 weeks. I hated limping, but my foot really hurt! I can happily say I am not limping anymore. Just in time for work tomorrow. Yay.


Typical. My son posted this on his Facebook because he knows I love pinatas, but I also love hitting them too!! Yeah, because you get all those cool candy and things falling from everywhere!!! We bought our two Zeebra Finch birds a miniature piñata. It’s a piñata made just for birds so they don’t get bored and peck away all their little stresses in life. That’s how we roll here at our house!


Haha! Once again, my son embarrasses me on Facebook and posted this picture up! It made me laugh for two reasons. One, it reminded me of a movie review of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where in the “quotes” section, I had that quote made by one of Tula’s relatives who said she discovered a “growth on her neck” or something. You can go to “search” on my blog and find it. It’s pretty funny! Anyways, the second reason was because it’s just a typical joke my son would post. We have a crazy sense of humor about each other!

Until Saturday, when you get to see a glimpse of our lives in the comics once again!


24 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Life in the Comics: Week 1

    1. You saw our snow one on FB because you commented on it. 🙂 It’s actually for my WordPress crowd, not so much for FB folks because they are no fun over there, but it only works if you log in into FB. I knew my WP peeps would understand my humor and enjoy them. Thanks for the comment! You should make your own avatar. 🙂

  1. This was a riot when I did it on Facebook. I think you guy’s got the embarassment thing wrong though. It is the parents that are supposed to embarass the kids! At least that is how it works in my house.

      1. I figured a way around it. Since I can only log in to the app via FB, I do just that. Then I “hide” the pictures from my timeline on FB and copy them down, reload them back up and post them here on WP. FB and WP are two completely DIFFERENT crowds. I just thought the WP crowd would “get” my humor more than FB peeps. I rarely do status updates on my FB anyways. That’s why I have twitter, haha. Screw FB. 😛

      2. Definitely screw facebook. I like my WordPress crowd so much better. It must be because I know people on Facebook and I don’t on WordPress. Plus I might never meet them so I can be better friends with them.

    1. The personalized comic strips come from an app you can download from your iphone or android. Basically, you create your own avatar that “stars” in adventures, shows, movies etc. You can then add friends and create stories or funny status updates along with your friends. The site is “Bitstrips” AB and I were on it for 45 minutes just laughing at all the funny situations we were putting each other in. This is just a silly way of me cheering myself up. I think it’s hilarious seeing AB and I as cartoons! 😛

      1. I did know it was from “bitstrips” I just thought there was a new challenge like using it like “the picture of the day” or “topic for the day” for blogging and that I had missed that. I’m glad you are having fun with it.

      2. Haha, no. I just wanted to live vicariously through comics for no reason. I haven’t seen anyone else on WP do it, so I decided to do it myself because I’m just…weird. 🙂

  2. LOL, comics! Did not expect that. What’s next in line? Cooking show =]]

    TWD blog should appear right before it resumes next month. You know, like a fresh recap =]] I watched the first episode of Thorne. The Governor, err, ex-Gov turned detective, is a sweet guy. He has a heart, LOL.

    1. Well, you know. One of my friends on FB has his own comic strips and they were always so cute to read, so I decided to join in on all the fun and make my own. It’s so much fun and I wish I could post about 10 of them because they are so over the top funny! Just go to your iphone or android and type in “bitstrips” and you can download the app for it. Then you can personalize your avatar and put yourself in movie scenes, adventures, etc. I just post it for fun here on WP. It makes me laugh and it will be good for me to look back and see all the things I did to cheer myself up. Hurray for TWD blogs coming up!! I heard AB talking seriously to one of his friends and AB said, “What? I thought Michonne killed him! He’s still alive?” Hm…..did something leak out? Am I missing out on something? Could it be? I hope he’s NOT dead so he can continue causing chaos. Funny how some of the sweetest, kindest actors can pull off being playing such douche bags in tv/movies. friend…is true talent!!! 🙂

      1. Talk is TG never died because just like Lori, they never showed either being killed. But Lily finished Michonne’s work just as that fat walker ate Lori.. at least these were shown as the outcome. You never know…… I just hope this isn’t a dream of Rick’s. That would be a complete waste of my time if it were to be so in the series finale.

      2. Hm…but Lily could have just shot the ground next to TG. It didn’t SHOW him dying of a gun wound, so……we are to assume TG died right then and there. The fat walker was one of the grossest TWD scenes ever! I just kept saying EW a lot. Usually, when I watch TWD I say “ew”, but this “ew” had a disgusted face to go with it, because I was horrified. Poor Lori! LOL. A dream…you mean like that show “Lost”? Fans were outraged!!! 😛

      3. Never held my interest, that ‘Lost.’ Were you a fan? This would be very enticing: series finale: Rick wakes up from his coma. The sheriff walks in with flowers–The Governor. Carl? “There is no Carl?” Lori tells Rick as he’s trying to soak this sudden revelation in.
        Lori and the sheriff throw a surprise-welcome back party at a restaurant. Rick sees Glenn picking up and cleaning tables. Glenn just moved to the US from Korea with his family. His English is broken.

        Rick responds to a bank robbery with multiple hostages; he arrives and tries to focus the issue in hand, keeping The Governor and Carl in storage, but like a flash of lightening Rick notices one of the robbers, possibly the leader of the 5 man group, is none other than Shane. Shane!

      4. Pffff. I never watched one episode of “Lost”. Sometimes, if a show is too much of a big deal (with the exception of TWD), I tend to avoid it as not to follow “the crowd”. I’m an individualist, after all! YES! NO CARL! That would make me so happy, that “annoying kid”! 😛 I just don’t like Carl. He’s the kind of kid I would hate to have as a son. He would drive me nuts. Thank goodness for AB! Anywho. I had a very, very VERY busy day today and so when I read your comment on my phone, I seriously busted out laughing out loud. I would imagine Glenn being a horse breeder and talking with a deep Southern accent. He would hail from Texas! Yeehaw! Maggie would be a nurse who lost her parents when she was only 1 years old (later adopted) and would always wonder what her father was like. Or if she had siblings. I like TG as the Sheriff…..nice one Philip! Haha, love your imagination! There’s always a Shane in every plot. Great comment!

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