JavaGirl’s Journal Week 1: New Year

Dear Journal,

Motivation.  I’ve been feeling like a slug lately. A deadweight of emotions that are dull and a bit heavy. Each day, though, they do get less and less heavy. Smiles come easier and so does laughter. Last night Adventure Boy and I watched “Sharknado” (his second, my first) and it was hilarious! It was only funny because we commented throughout the entire movie, a tradition I started with him at home since he was a toddler-I only made him comment to increase his language and conversational skills. Now, we do it until we are  rolling all over the carpet holding our bellies. Basically, we just make fun of movies or we insert our own dialogue in place of what the actor really said. Nevertheless, we had fun and still played two very long games of Scrabble during the movie. Adventure Boy loves to rewind funny parts because he knows it makes me laugh (a lot).  So, he kept rewinding the part where the girl falls off the helicopter and gets eaten in midair by some random shark. We had fun and it’s those moments that I live for.

Things are falling into place. I’m now ready to officially start looking for a more reliable car and home. I’m still deciding whether to break my lease half way through the year here. I can’t take my crazy neighbors upstairs with their gazillion friends, walking and dropping things on the floor (unless it was bodies after 1 taquilla, 2 taquillas, 3 taquillas, FLOOR!) and loud music playing all night. I mean, come on. What were they thinking… of not inviting me?? Yeah right. Adventure Boy said he preferred moving during summer instead of halfway through the school year. This makes me go full throttle in hunting or finding a home. I can spend years looking for something because I know what I want and I’m not the type of person who will just settle for anything, just because it’s convenient. The thing has to captivate me, mesmerize and I must have those fireworks going on in my heart and mind before I can say I want it. Who wants to buy a home when you’re standing in the middle of the room thinking, “Eh. Meh.” I want the “Omg! I can’t believe I’m living here and it’s all MINE!!!” feeling. I want those arches…..

New Years Eve was quiet and was spent online looking at cars. I didn’t see the fireworks. It would have made me sad and reminded me of what I had lost in 2013. But it’s a new year and I’m metaphorically dusting the dirt off of myself with the help of my amazing friends who have reached down to help pull me up again and pat me on my back and say, “You can do it, I’m with ya!”. Life is a journey. It’s also great when you are running life’s course with friends along side of you encouraging you along the way.  Their smiles, kind words, glance or just merely just being beside you without saying anything is a blessed thing. I’m at that “you are pulling me up” stage now.  I’ve been spoiled by 2 weeks of vacation. I’ve needed it. I spent half of it working at my mom’s house cleaning things with one of my mom’s good friend who I consider an “aunt”. Things are getting packed and organized.

Things I’d like to do this year: Go to a Phantom of the Opera play in Philly, spend a day or two at Martha’s Vineyard (we were supposed to go this Spring, so I will continue with the trip because my mom would have wanted me to, kayak, play racquetball, canoe, do some archery, finally go to the Art Museum in Philly, oil paint, read more, go to the beach, paraglide, try to do more self portraits and try to capture all of this with my GoPro Hero 3 camera! I still have to buy it, but I know once I get it, it will inspire me to get out there once again and capture the beauty this world has to offer. Anyone who knows me really well knows the video below of the GoPro Hero 3 camera captures my own personal essence.  It has my personality written all over it. These people are the type of people I would enjoy hanging out with, hehe. Oh wait. I do have friends like these! Anyways, enjoy!

Song of the week: “Daybreak” from the EP “After Hours”.

5 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal Week 1: New Year

  1. One of the worst movies I ever saw was “Clash of The Titans,” the 1980’s version…when I was in college. We would go to “Buck Night” (weekend midnight showings) where movies were only one dollar. Clash of The Titans, like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Monty Python and The Holy Grail were frequent buck night specials, being “fan favorites.” At Buck Night, everyone commented.. When Clash of The Titans played, everyone looked forward to the Medusa- headless scene where the guy chops off Medusa’s head…beforehand, the students would chant “use your head” every time the character came on screen. Sometimes…I feared we’d all pee our pants with laughter. A great exercise- not the peeing your pants- but the commenting on movies.

    1. Yeeeeeessssss!!! Hope you have yours. We need to compare zombie shots. Btw. AB and I watched the movie State of Emergency. Those zombies moved way too fast!! Not cool. Lol

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