18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light

      1. Thank you! 😀 It comes from Daniel 12:3 “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.”

    1. Hi Philip. We’re hanging in there. Taking each day at a time. Overall, I’m doing things that make me happy because I know that’s what she’d want. I’m looking forward to your latest TWD episode review. I can’t believe they killed off Hershel! What do you think happened to Judith? Someone said that they saw Tyreese grab Judith in his arms in a quick scene. They also killed off the Gov. way too soon. I was wondering why they put so much emphasis on him in the past two episodes. David Morissey played that character so well!!! I will miss the Gov and Santa Hersh. Oh. The snow layout. Don’t you have it too? It comes every year around this time on people’s blog. You can stop it and even control how fast the snowflakes fall in the appearance section? I think?

      1. Good to hear you’re both hanging on.

        I miss Hershel. He was so good in the series. No wonder why they didn’t kill him off in season 2. Now all that’s needed is to kill off Daryl. I didn’t see Tyreese carrying off Judith. Need to rewatch it, lol. Glenn is away with those people in the bus. He will need to be their ‘Rick’ because they can’t fight. Will we see a warrior Glenn next February? Sasha, Bob, and Maggie are together as the bus left without them. Tyreese and Lizzie and Mika [maybe Judith too] are together seperated from the rest. So is Carl and Rick. Michonne walked off like Andrea did in finale of season 2, lol.

        The group’s all scattered!

        Those two Governor episodes were meant to show his humanity, I think. I would have personally devoted another episode showing his past life before all this–his family life, husband and father. We do know he and his younger brother grew up in an abusive household with a drunk dad. The Gov and Daryl share this similarity. Some changed their hearts, some still hated him after those episodes. I liked him even more, lol. How did AB react?

        Yes, I agree he got killed off too soon.


        I wanted the next antagonist, hopefully Negan who will hopefully be inducted in February or season 5, to kill the Gov. The Governor accidentally stumbles onto a group of survivors. They are willing to accept him and so they take him with them on a scout run. They arrive in one of their turfs to collect their amount due–food, supplies, and water–in exchange for their ‘protection.’ Negan, the leader, is disappointed that they have nothing for him as they knew the deadline was today. He insists the Governor to make an example that this is totally unpardonable; Negan lines up a family of four–a father, mother, and two siblings who are no older than eight or nine. The children will be the first to go because this satisfies Negan’s thirst for blood and nothing arouses him more than the parents witnessing their children’s blood.

        Clouds turn to black. Thunder clamors. The rain is more than enough to cleanse Lucifer of his many sins. The Governor points the barrel to the crying girl. Indeed, he has killed a plethora of the living for his benefit, and never has he second guessed his evil actions…until now. Flashbacks of Penny mutes the environment. “She still has her innocence,” Brian calmly announces as he lowers his pistol. Negan fumes and shoots them all point-blank as a numbed Brian is reprimanded by thugs.

        “NOOOOOO!,” screams Brian with all his energy.

        The chaotic commotion is food for the psychopath Negan. “I want you to meet the love of my life,” says Negan. “This is Lucille. She’s very shy but once she gets to know you, she can be very, very nice.”


        Lucille–a baseball bat covered in barbed wire–crushes Brian’s skull. The dominant Negan keeps the eye-patch as his trophy collection and walks away.

        Five dead bodies.

        “Three days, or else.”

        Negan and his group, The Saviors.

      2. Hey, a personalized TWD episode review! How cool is that?! Dale and Hershel looked similar. I think I shed a tear when they killed off Dale, what a sweet old man. Why do comic writers toy with the readers and put in two sweet old men that we grow to love and then violently kill them off? I feel so used! Then they toy with our feelings with the Gov and make us hate him, then love him, then hate him again! It’s like showing us an awesome character and teaasin’ you with them for a season or two, then yank them away from your little heart with no pity! How heartless! Sasha is growing on me, I think her character is developing nicely. She’s got a good heart and what a survivor! Tyreese, I’m still trying to enjoy as a character. He seems wooden to me. Rick is FINALLY growing a set and sometimes I’ll burst out in giggles when I think of his parody twitter account. Carl survives ANOTHER season. I swear, that kid is really a cat and has more than 9 lives. I still want to see him turn into a walker. That. Would. Be. Awesome. The entire country would RIOT if Daryl were to be killed off! HA! He wasn’t even in the original comics! LOL! Yeah, what a cliff hanger. Everyone is scattered now and they have to wander around for the next two months. I am so tempted to find out what happens according to the comics. I know the writers don’t follow it to a “T”, but I’m so tempted. Hm… Remember when Michonne walked around with those jawless and armless walkers on a chain? LOL. I’d love to know her backstory. She sure smiled a lot more in this season. I thought maybe something was going to blossom between her and Daryl. A lot of winking going on between those two. They’d make a cute couple. On Facebook, there’s a picture of Michonne and Daryl sitting on a motorcycle together. Maybe Rick might end up seeing that Maggie 2.0 and fall in love with her! Maybe Rick will get a new step daught….oh wait. She got killed off. Meh. Nevermind. AB was just as shocked as I was when they killed off Hershel and the Gov! Of course, both of us were hiding behind our fingers when they killed off Hershel. Gross. We both laughed at Daryl using a walker as a human shield! The parody accounts had fun with that one. Funny, how Michonne attacked the Gov, but didn’t kill him. She just wanted him to suffer. Maggie 2.0 shot the Gov not because she didn’t want him to turn into a walker, but because she literally hated him by that time. LOL. Negan, Negan….who is he again? 😛 That eye patch seems to be as bad as the ring from The Hobbit. With it, comes great power and when it’s misused, it is destructive!!!!!!

  1. May a good light shine on you – especially during a holiday season celebration that will be missing someone. I imagine your emotions will be from A to Z … but that also means there will be some smiles.

    1. Thank you. Christmas was fun for Adventure Boy and myself. The entire day was spent with friends and relatives. There wasn’t a tear in our eyes the whole day, except laughter. We stuffed ourselves silly and rolled ourselves back home. There was a moment where I missed having my mom around (I missed her all day, of course) when my cousin announced he had gotten engaged the night before. His fiance is super friendly and articulate, my mom would have loved her. I know I do and she is definitely approved by me. I’ll be back to blogging once again next month. It’s been super hard emotionally since her death because she was a huge part of my photography. You’ll see by the video I’m working on right now. She was a big supporter of my photo challenges and photography in general. I also trying to grieve in private too, albeit people can read my reply to you and my friends if they so do desire, which is fine. You can also contact me at my “contact” under my picture. I have that there because my main one for this WP gets flooded by notifications per day, any personal email would get lost. My email for contact is easier for me to see and to reply faster. Thanks for your comment!! 🙂 Hope you and your lovely wife got some dancing done and had a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Awww. Thank you so much! That means so much to know I have caring friends here on WP. Today was actually harder than yesterday. Today is my mom’s birthday and she would have been 72 years old. Adventure Boy and I stopped by her grave today. The dirt was still settling there with three dead flower pots people had left there. We removed the dead plants and replaced it with a cute plant that said “Joy” because she was joy in our heart and lives. It was surreal and solemn. We saw what other people put on their loved ones grave, so now I have an idea of what I can bring her. I saw my grandfather’s grave for the first time in my life. I had never seen it. I said hello to him and the grandmother I never met. I said I’d be stopping by more often. The grass was overlapping the grave stone, so I’ll trim that next time I stop by. Maybe even polish the headstone. I’m a perfectionist. 😛 Little simple things like that stand out to me. I’ll make sure my grandfather, grandmother and now mom will always have something on their graves like a wreath or decoration. Something classy, not gaudy. It was cold, windy yet a beautiful sunny day. I’m doing ok. Taking each day at a time. Today I saw “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and it made me think. No other movie has made me think since I watched “The Way Back”. How are you? How was your Christmas?

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