JavaGirl’s Journal Week 24: Be careful what you say

Dear Journal,

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote. Busy seems to be my middle name of late, but what else is new. I’m not sure if the allergy medicine is helping me or there is just a thicker pollen count in the air because my eyes are still itchy and my sinuses are acting up. Today I feel as though I might have a cold, or it’s just a bad allergy morning for me. I spent the night at my mom’s house two weeks ago and since now there are two cats living there, it took me a week to recover from sneezing and feeling like I can breathe once again. Good thing I go to my doctor soon. The other day I was going about my day when I realized I needed a quick puff from my asthma pump. I hadn’t had to use it all morning until later in the afternoon. I checked my purse and it was not there. I looked all over my desk and it was nowhere to be found. Anyone who has asthma knows just to know your pump is near you (like a security blanket), psychologically it makes you feel secure. When your pump is nowhere near you and you suddenly feel like you need it, panic can consume you. I quickly left my desk and went home to find it. It was under my comforter on my bed. Luckily, I have a transportable nebulizer I can use as a backup, although I rarely have to use it-only when I am extremely congested from a cold. I’m down to less than 20 pumps from my asthma pump until I get a renewed RX from my doctor, hopefully Monday. So far, it’s worked fine the little system I am using now with just a quick mist session from my nebulizer. I’m than good to go for a while without having to use up my limited puffs from my pump. Woke up this morning sneezing a lot. I hope it’s not a cold. Having a stuffy nose and trying to eat turkey is not fun at all. I just know my upstairs neighbors had a party going from 11pm to what seemed to be 6 am!!!! Thank you. This morning I woke up at 8 am. Their noise kept waking me up every 3 hours.

I’m all about natural remedies so I will have to go out and buy some eucalyptus and mint oils to make my own steam to clear my sinuses. Unless it’s medicine for my asthma maintenance or for when I am extremely sick, I only need and want the most natural things going into my body. I like to keep my organs as pure as possible from any outside and unnecessary consumption. As I write this, I also remembered I need to go out and buy some local honey to take everyday. Honey is my favorite vanilla ice cream topping.

So anyways, this week I realized that people are always and I mean always listening to what you say. Even if it’s in passing, people are listening. Whether they are being nosy is another thing, but their ears are alert. There is always office politics and gossip, but with this new team, I don’t think there is gossip. I know I don’t take part in it. I just work and do my job, but also am friendly with everyone. Yesterday I was on the phone with a new client introducing myself and asking if I was pronouncing her name right. I like to make people feel at ease before I meet them, so I was just being friendly to my new client getting things ready before I enrolled her. Once I got off the phone, my one coworker said, “You are SO NICE!” The other coworker piped up and said, “I know! You should be my worker!”. It took me back because I didn’t realize the whole office had been so quiet and that everyone was listening to my conversation via my desk phone. (If I get personal calls on my cell phone, I usually walk away from the office for privacy). I was just going about my business like I do everyday at work. I didn’t know whether I was more surprised that they were listening or that my actions were so surprisingly nice. I think it’s normal to act nice to people. Are people so mean todays society that being “nice” is a culture shock? Are people surrounding themselves with like minded people, so when they meet other people with different behaviors, that they are shocked? I’m not perfect nor am I saying I want to be perfect, but I want to be as close to being a good and decent person as I can be. When you respect yourself, you will respect others. When you are KIND to yourself, it will come across naturally to others. That’s my theory.

Who is the real master here? With my phone, I am! I’m always telling my phone to do things.

Phone vs Man

25 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal Week 24: Be careful what you say

    1. When guys hold open the doors for me (South Jersey men are very polite in that way), I always make sure to say thank you to them. Thanks. I’m feeling 2% better. Progress! 🙂

  1. Don’t know about people always listening…at least to me- but then again, I am no where near as beautiful as you.

    What happens to your allergies when you get away from the Jersey-Philly mega mess and sit by the ocean? I would imagine you need no inhaler then…I hope.

    1. Aww. Well, my coworkers in my office are all female. Thanks for the compliment. I have a little red nose from my cold today. I never noticed what happens to my allergies when I’m near the beach. I will have to take note of that when summer comes once again. I know the cold weather also contributes to my wheezing. I was thinking of moving to South Carolina earlier this Fall for next summer, but the school system is not so good. Arizona is too hot for me, but the air is dryer. Virginia? Somewhere where I can still see foliage, yet where the weather is mild. Maybe I’ll just move to Belize or the Virgin Islands. Who knows.

    1. We didn’t even reach 30 F today! :O I think it was hovering around 26 F. Right now, it’s 22 F. It’s dangerously cold, but we went shopping today. The cold weather actually made me breathe better. I never got around to buying those oils. Hopefully tomorrow. Yeah, as for people watching me. That’s a given. I’ve had scary experiences where when I was walking out of a store one night, these two guys in a red truck followed me after I got in my car. I kept trying to lose them, but they kept following me through all the blocks. I was young and didn’t realize I could called the police. To this day, I hate seeing red trucks with two guys sitting in them. I tend to attract stalkers. I need to hurry up and learn Krav Maga. It’s a serious Israeli martial arts, but I’ve had too many scary experiences. Anyone who messes with me will PAY the price. Yes, people are always watching me, but I’m watching them too! 😛

      1. Either at work or at home, if I hear the phone ring I feel compelled to answer, Pavlov’s dog style. At work it is my job, but at home I wish to avoid it.

        As far as my job goes, I’m not really outgoing and make sarcastic remarks and most people here don’t get it, so they think I’m being mean. Which is fine with me.

      2. Uh. What is Pavlov’s dog style? A certain type of Russian accent? Lol. Aw. You are just misunderstood. They say people who are sarcastic have higher intelligence.

  2. Java Girl, we are so alike! I go to work aiming to do the best, as honestly as I can. I get on with most as can see some endearing part in most. (there are exceptions tho, HA HA) It seems you are a pretty girl and I guess there are guys out there who would stalk or follow. You must be on your guard it is a sorry part of our world. Keep well!

    1. One can only do their best when at work. I pretty much don’t give eye contact to guys who stare at me. It creeps me out. But if they are friendly and hold open a door for me or something helpful, I’ll give a quick smile and thank them, but nothing to give them any idea I’m remotely interested. I’m very aware of my surroundings. If a guy looks creepy standing off in a distance staring at me, I WILL give him the death stare, lol, and make it very obvious how displeased I am at him for merely being creepy looking. LOL. It works. I walk with keys between my hands, key out. It’s an unsafe world out there. I need a self defense course just to up my confidence a bit more. Thanks for the wishes my friend. I’ve missed your comments!

    1. Thank you. I hope yours was amazing. Thanks for thinking of me during Thanksgiving yesterday. There are many things to be thankful for, even in the midst of turmoil and crazy things happening in this world. I’m thankful for family, true friends, life and especially my mom.

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