Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


This picture was taken a few years ago when we went to the Animal Kingdom down in Florida. Where we sat, there was this Tibetan garden setting near us. I thought it looked so authentic and pretty. The window and bricks were high up near the trees, so it towered over us. What I love about this picture is that the top left leaves are the closest to the eyes. The main focus here is the window on the top left hand corner. The window has several things surrounding it that incorporates layers before it leads into the room inside. It’s not your typical “layer” look, but I found the different dimensional aspects for the eyes as one looks all over it, serves a good example of layers in a photograph. I fell in love with the carvings in the wood on the right hand side of the photo. So intricate and lovely. This is as close as I come to making one of my photos look like a National Geographic photograph. Tibet seems like a very interesting place to travel to.


We went to Baltimore one Sunday and next to the harbor is one of those “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” museums. Outside one of the doors, you see this metal rhino. I love looking at the many layers it took to create this animal. Imagine this thing coming to life? It has a story of its own, I’m guessing.

**I can’t make these pictures any bigger, so feel free to click on the photos to get a better view of them in a bigger format. Thanks.**

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

  1. Lovely photos. Layers remind me of levels or steps. Life is full of phases. One level after another.
    Magnificient structures are built in levels, steps, phases, stages, or let’s just sat; layers.
    Beautiful metal Rhino.

    1. What a lovely comment my dear friend! I always appreciate your sweet and thoughtful comments and observations about my posts. That’s quite a deep metaphor about layers and levels of stages of one’s life. I think the more layers a person has, it makes them more complete. People can allow the layers of their life to bring them down or dampen their outlook at life or they can appreciate the many experiences in life that are called layers and see the whole picture. I never thought of ones life as layers. What a beautiful metaphor. The metal rhino is pretty rockin’ cool, if I say so myself. Thanks for your comment!

    1. Yeah, I just liked the first one and found an excuse to post it up. I’ve had it floating around my files. You nailed it Michelle. That’s exactly what I wanted my viewers to do. To get lost in the picture, because when I was sitting there, I was lost too just looking up and seeing the details. Thanks for the comment!

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