Thor: The Dark World (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Stellan Skarsgård, Renee Russo, Jaime Alexander, Zackary Levi and Kat Dennings.

Director: Alan Taylor

Producer: Kevin Feige

Pros: The biggest pro here is that this movie was a lot better than the original Thor in many ways. The cinematography was spectacular just as I expected, the music epic and we got to see more of Asgard. The writers were better too.  Sure, you may have noticed several one liners, but this was a 2 hour movie, so any more dialogue would have put it near the 3 hour mark. One of my favorite scenes from both movies was finally seeing Loki as he truly was. The scene I am talking about is where Loki is in jail and Thor drops by. Thor, knowing his brother very well, tells Loki to knock it off and drop his facade which Loki does. What you see is a broken, lonely person who has hit rock bottom. I loved this scene because Loki appears to be in control all the time yet inside his heart, he is not in control of his emotions, therefore trying to balance it out by controlling others. Definitely a character that psychologists everywhere would love to evaluate more.  Personally, I think he needs some butterfly kisses from Miss JavaGirl herself.  There is also the scene where Loki is scampering next to Thor after he was released from jail and he’s very chatty and eager. I thought to myself, “Now, there’s the Loki I first knew!”.

The costumes were intricate, lush, rich and gorgeous. You can tell many people took their time to make sure the costumes looked perfect up close.  Thor’s costume would even make Superman jealous. I loved Jane’s Asgard dress along with Frigga’s entire outfit. Seeing how the people dressed in relation to the Asgard culture was beneficial for the viewers. Yes, they may have dressed similar to LOTR characters, but how else are they suppose to dress? I quite frankly, enjoyed seeing their earthy and warm toned colors clothes.The make up on the elves and villains were also great. You have to remember, some of these characters had to sit many hours to get their make up on everyday. All those tiny bumps and lines take time for a makeup artist to create. This was a fun movie that had a lot of funny moments, nothing too deep as this is a family movie. We loved the spaceship chase scene that resembled Star Wars and the modern jets at the very end. Thank you Marvel!

Thor, matured in this movie and appeared to have a stronger realization of his responsibilities as a future King. It was nice seeing Zackary Levi and Idris have more of screen time. The funeral procession was so beautiful. The jaw dropping scene where the Collector states there are more Infinity Stones was genius for whoever came up with that idea. The idea that there are more stones out there makes you want to watch every Marvel movie there is to put the puzzle pieces together of all the stones. Whoever collects and wants all the stones will have complete control of the universe! In this movie, the Red Stone or “Aether” represented “Power”. In the Avengers, the blue stone that Loki used represented “Mind Control”. Will The Guardians of the Galaxy find the yellow stone which represents “Reality”? The clues have been put in the Marvel movies so it’s up to us to find those Easter eggs, so to speak. If you must know, each stone represents: Reality, Soul, Time, Power, Mind and Space. Put them all in the Infinity Gauntlet and that individual has the power to destroy or control everything and everyone in the universe. With the Infinity Stones scattered in the Marvel movies, this represents a huge opportunity to create many stories yet to be told from the Marvel studios. Overall, I think everyone did a great job in this movie.

Cons: Why was Darcy still an intern after two years? I had to find an answer because they put that in there for laughs. Luckily, I have a new scientist buddy called  Buck ( who answered that question for me.  Buck said that usually interns only last 12 weeks or so.  Lastly, I wished they showed more of Loki and Thor mourning their mother.

Cinematography: Kramer Morgenthau was the Director of Photography for this movie. Kramer has 58 credits under his name which includes filming for the movie Fracture. I saw the same elements which impressed me from how he filmed Fracture to what he brought to Thor: The Dark World. Mr. Morgenthau uses warm tones, gold and browns in this movie which pulls viewers into what the characters are doing. The sets were so huge and grand, that certain lighting made even the smallest conversations between two characters that more stunning for viewers. I’ve watched his other projects, but I was curious to see how he’d pull it off with a bigger environment where everything is bigger in a grander scale. Kramer did not disappoint and showed us that he is capable of filming absolutely stunning scenes that one can only imagine in their wildest dreams. Choosing Kramer Morgenthau to shoot a city like Asgard, including many battle scenes, was a perfect choice from Marvel and I hope they continue to use him for many future projects. I was very, very excited to go into this movie to see what my favorite cinematographer had in store for me to watch. In my opinion, he’s the reason why I started my Cinematography category on my movie blogs. I think the Director of Photography in movies are and should be right up there with being asked questions of how the movie was made. They are rock stars in my eyes! Without them, there is no movie. They are the quiet heroes of movie making and should be respected and given just as much attention as the Producers, Directors and actors.

Some behind the scenes of making Thor: The Dark World. You can see Kramer Morgenthau doing what he does best.
Video Credit: MoviesComingSoon

Music score: Brian Tyler produced the music score for this movie. You can hear a sample of many scores he produced in the video above. Brian produced music that reflected Thor’s maturity from the first Thor movie into a more regal and royal King in waiting movie sound. You can hear a chorus that sounds heavenly with a touch of other worldly sounds to it in many of the scenes. There wasn’t a lot of happy music when Thor and Jane were together due to their romance being torn apart by the Aether in Jane and their distance from each other. I’m sure getting sound advice from masters of movie scores like John Williams (Star Wars) has helped Brian only be well on his way to becoming a movie score master himself. Music is what brings that lump to your throat when a scene needs a certain sound to conjure feelings of what the director wants the viewers to feel of the characters. Brian Tyler is someone to watch as he continues to inspire us all by taking us into worlds we never been before with his amazing music scores.

Favorite quotes:

Loki: “Trust my rage.” After Thor leaves and Loki gives him the death stare.

Loki: “Tadaaaah!” Loki very proud of himself for landing them all safely on the boat. Loki’s inner child came out.

Loki: “Oh dear. I think she’s dead!” Loki casually alarmed when Jane collapses in the boat.

Thor: “Every 5,000 years the worlds align, allowing an ancient darkness to strike.

The Collector: “One down. Five to go.” In reference to the stones that are still out there.

Audience reaction: When we watched this movie, there were children around 6-8 years old sitting in front of us. Amazingly, they sat for the entire movie and laughed at many of the scenes. The audience with us laughed mostly at the underwear scene, Thor hanging up his hammer, the alien dog creature at the end and many of Loki’s comments. There was a gasp in the audience when Loki was stabbed including myself. I almost teared up during the funeral, it was so beautiful. A solemn and sad send off only fit for a queen.

Relatebility: I didn’t particularly identify with anyone, but if I had to choose, it would have been Lady Sif. Lady Sif is such a cool character, I wished they showed more of her. I liked how she continued to be a protective friend to Thor, albeit I think deep down she wishes they could be more. Who knows, maybe something will happen between Lady Sif and Thor.

The family dynamics and brother to brother relationship I saw in this movie was very interesting. The whole idea of trust (within a family or relationship), letting down your barriers and following your heart seemed to be the key points in this movie. One more thing. The critics all seemed to have the same complaint of a few things about the movie. I asked Adventure Boy (who is 12) what his opinion were regarding those complaints from his point of view. I wanted to know if it bothered him as much as it bothered the critics. Here are his answers.

1. Did you notice that the rainbow bridge was fixed and do you care how it was fixed?

Answer: I do remember seeing the bridge breaking but not being rebuilt, and wonder where they got the resources and supplies to complete the bridge once again.

2. Did you notice if the actor Anthony Hopkins (Odin) seemed like he didn’t want to be in the movie and looked like he wanted to be somewhere else?

Answer: I don’t notice those kind of things.

3. Did you wonder where Odin went after Loki sat on the throne?

Answer: Either Loki killed Odin or Odin went to Malekith’s realm.

4. Did you think Jane and Thor had onscreen chemistry?

Answer: I feel that Jane was more attracted to Thor because she kept forgiving Thor of his absence during their “2 year break” from each other and stuff…… Then again, Jane did slap Thor like 2 times 😛

5. Did you understand why Malekith wanted to put the whole universe into darkness?

Answer: I felt that Malekith wanted the universe in darkness because 1. They’re called dark elves… I think… And 2. I think because when the universe is all dark the stones will be at FULL power, or all 6 of the stones will come together and make strength like never seen before, or possibly make a new enemy/monster!

6. Did you think Malekith needed more time onscreen and was he scary enough?

Answer: No, he had enough time onscreen, he isn’t spoiled….. At least I think so considering his background… And he wasn’t that scary… But obviously “SOMEONE” thought he looked creepy because his eyes were black (mask) and looked like a monkey……

7. Did you feel like the Avengers should have helped out Thor in London?

Aswers: I don’t feel like the Avengers should have because 1. The Avengers are scattered all across the world and probably busy And 2. Captain America definitely would not have went to help considering Loki offended him when he turned into Captain America (shape shifted).

******************************************************************************************************************* ;banner

I just saw Thor…. apparently he’s stuck in a dark world! :O

HeeHee. Hey guys, I just saw Thor The Dark World and it was amazing. What I liked in the beginning is when Jane was on a date and the intern… Darcy…. ruined the date by bringing in a chair and eating some of their food while making Jane look dumb while smacking the device on the table lol.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=THINGS I LIKED ABOUT THIS MOVIE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

I  liked how they made it when Thor went to Earth and it only rained in a circle, not make a whole city rain, but a small circle. I liked how Loki never dies (since when will he die -_-) even when he got stabbed in the chest with a sword and turned pale… well… he was pale to begin with :P. And I liked how Loki made Thor’s hand disappear.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=THINGS I DISLIKED ABOUT THIS MOVIE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

When they introduced the Aether to Jane the Aether was in between two rocks and didn’t have anywhere to go. Also that the Aether didn’t escape in the first place to find people besides waiting…. I know I would of…

And that mostly all…. I’m not a hater….. I HOPE MALEKITH COMES BACK… DUN DUN…. DUN DUND DUN DUN!!!!!!! Only one person would know what I meant! XD

That was my blog on Java blog thingy! Hope you enjoyed!

I give this movie 10 out of 10 Aethers

-Adventure Boy

15 thoughts on “Thor: The Dark World (2013) Movie Review

  1. Good review. It’s a fun flick that knows how silly it can be, and doesn’t hold back from being so. However, a little less exposition and more attention on the villian would have done absolute wonders.

    1. Yes, it IS a fun flick and not to be taken so seriously as most critics have been about it. I don’t really care how or when the Frost Bridge was built. It’s fixed, bada bing, bada boom. Nothing else matters. I loved the Predator-ish type of lair Malekith had. A throw back to Alien or Predator? I hope so. 😉 Thanks for the comment!!!!

      1. He needed a pottie break and also wanted to leave early, but finally got entranced when the action started. At the end, he claimed that it was the greatest movie ever (until some other Marvel or DC movie comes out.)

      2. THAT is super cool! I’m glad he enjoyed it! Adventure Boy LOVED it! He was giggling the entire time and was entranced. Will you guys be seeing The Hobbit? I’m so excited about that coming out!!! 🙂

      3. No Hobbit for me. I only saw one of the original Lord of the Rings and was bored out of my gord. I know it is sacrelige but not a Lord of the Rings fan. Definitely will be seeing Hunger Games though.

      4. Haha! I LOVE LOTR!!!! I’m dreading seeing Smaug though. From the trailers, Smaug looks like a deformed dragon and NOT very scary at all! I hope the digital artists do him some justice or I’m going to riot!!!! 😛

    1. Wow, thanks so much! Coming from an author, what you say I take it at heart. You’re a Loki fan too? 😉 Loki is a fun character, but it’s the actor who has my attention. I love his many different roles and appreciate how he makes them come to life. I really liked him as Freddie in the movie “The Deep Blue Sea”. You’re compliment means a lot. This is my final movie review for the year! Hey, are you on twitter? 😀

      1. Indeed I am a Loki fan! You should check him out in War Horse where I first saw him and adored his acting then. Keep writing my hot gal your words are beautiful and have a great flow. You’re compliments mean the world to me and yes I am on twitter. Still trying to figure it out, but I would love to have you on my list. Kiss Kiss and my your pen never run out of ink!

      2. Yeah, War Horse is a movie I keep meaning to see. The story sounds very fascinating. I honestly don’t know much about it (very little), so I’ll be going in not knowing what to expect….except a small part with Tom in it. I heard 8 million horses were killed during that time period. That is so sad! I think the first movie I saw with Tom in it was “The Deep Blue Sea”. I didn’t notice him in Avengers at all. I did fall asleep during the movie. I had to then go back and watch Thor and then the Avengers again to see how the story unfolded. Do tell me what your twitter handle is. Mine is JavaGirlsLife…albeit I am thinking of changing the name to Amanda (my middle name). It’ll be easier for me to go read your blogs from twitter because my inbox for WP overflows with notifications with 500+ emails per day. I’ll even make a special “list” named “authors” just for you on twitter so I can add you on there so I can immediately read your posts! 🙂 Thanks for the comment girly girl!!!!

      3. Oh Java my gal….War Horse made me cry. I think it’s OUTSTANDING. A must to see, your history is correct on the movie too. I found you my darlin on Tweet…so lets chit chat.. 🙂 Be warned I really am teaching myself this new high tech stuff, oooo. So please lay pardon if I am a silly willy. I will figure it out sometime, I am still figuring out how to use my blog! Sheesh. Blessings to you my darlin! Kiss Kiss

      4. Hey girl!!! 🙂 Yes, I saw you found me. I am very, very excited to have you join me on twitter! We shall have loads and loads of fun interacting on there, yes? I love interacting with friends from twitter and WP. I relish it. People need to hear encouraging words, jokes, positive thoughts and a good banter back and forth. I’m just a naturally friendly person online as well as offline, so I am who I am. Have you combined your WP blogs to sync with your twitter account? You go to “Appearance” on your “dashboard” and click on “widgets”. Find the widget for “twitter” and type in your twitter account. Basically, on twitter you just write what you want and send. I know, twitter is somewhat of a nightmare for writers (or bloggers) who are so used to writing over 900 words or so, so the constraints of only writing 140 characters drives us nuts because we have so much to say from our minds. Let me know if you need any help. You can also directly email me at

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