Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


We were driving back from a wonderful and perfect day when I looked across to my right and saw this building. It was in an odd location, but it captured my imagination and I had to pay a quick visit. I stepped out of the car and took about 10 shots. During the few minutes, I swore I heard some noises coming from inside the building and perhaps a voice. Those things didn’t bother me at all. This picture reminds me of one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead. I can only imagine Rick and his crew running around this place or scouting it out since (according to their latest episode) the zombies are becoming herds and being a nuisance. This would be a good temporary hiding spot for them.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

    1. It is!! I wouldn’t like hanging around this place at night. I wasn’t really scared when I took these pictures because there was traffic on the other side and a house with a girl brushing her dog’s fur on the front steps. The complete opposite of what was in front of me, that’s why I said it was at an odd location. Adjacent to this building was a pizza shop, an auto shop and a traffic light. It’s a good hiding spot if zombies ever attack here in NJ. 😛


    1. Originally I had put “a hiding place”, but since I’ve watched them for 4 seasons, I know they are always moving and by the looks of it, it seems like they’ll be moving again. This building isn’t as big or doesn’t have the acres to allow fences, so it’s perfect for just a small rest stop. Lol. It’s fun talking to a female TWD fan!!!


      1. I follow the parody character Rick Grimes on Twitter and that twitter account is hysterical! I’m always laughing at what “he” says. You should check it out!


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      1. Yes! He says it on his blogs. He’s a “tween”, so they all seem to have their own language. It’s up to us dinosaur parents to figure out what they are saying. I remember one time we were in an antique shop (I love them) and I picked up an old tape recorder and said, “Oh, a WalkMan!”. AB asked, “What’s a Walkman?” as he stared at the huge cassette player. I said, “Kids used these to listen to back in the 80’s”. His eyes got big. They are only used to ipods now! LOL!!! I remember asking my mom, “What’s that?” pointing to things from the 70’s to 40’s.


      2. My brother in law bought a van that came with a VCR player and when I said, So what does it come with a cassette player too?, my 9 year old and daughter and niece both said, “What is a cassette player?” I was blown away too.


    1. Well, you have a certain eye for your photography too Dave. I admire your work so much. They are beautiful. I just wish I had the kind of camera you have. Maybe someday soon. Hope things are going well for you there in the land down under.


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