Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


The picture above was taken during a Light House tour along the shores of New Jersey. If you’ve been a long time subscriber, you’ll probably remember the blog I wrote about where during this boat trip, we got caught between three terrible storms. Looking left of the horizon, you can see a storm brewing. There was lightening everywhere and the boat was rocking side to side whilst battling the huge waves. It certainly was an adventure; even the captain of the small boat said he never seen anything quite like that during any of his outings. I was positive we were going to become a real life “Gilligan’s Island” crew after that day. It was nice to sleep in my warm bed that same night because I was soaked from head to toe for several hours.


This was taken at a park by my house. You get pretty nice sunsets there.


This little tree just happened to capture my attention.


Oh, look! It’s a random photo that has nothing to do with Horizon! I wanted to include this picture anyways in spirit of the “Gravity” movie review I did earlier. This was taken at the Kennedy Space Center down in Florida. You can see this astronaut when you enter the facility.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

    1. Why thank you very much thelostkerryman! It left me speechless when I was on the boat and I saw the sky that way. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and ran to grab my camera and run to the other side of the boat. Most people were looking ahead, but I was looking at the rays of sunshine. Every time I see sunrays, I am speechless. Especially against a dark sky, a ray of light just jets through the darkness and beams down on something. Captivating. I had to capture it forever.


    1. You never know…there could be areas which the sun does shine through. 🙂 There is a town up somewhere (Norway?) where this town hidden in the valley has to have THREE huge mirrors to reflect the sun to shine down on the little town. It’s mind boggling.


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