Gravity (2013) Movie Review


Cast: Sandra Bullock (Ryan Stone), George Clooney (Matt Kowalski), Ed Harris as Mission Control (voice), Orto Ignatiussen as Aningaaq (voice),Paul Sharma as Shariff (voice), Amy Warren as the Explorer Captain (voice).

Basic movie facts: It took 4 years for Gravity to be produced. The entire movie was animated beforehand before it was digitally enhanced. For Sandra Bullock to have the effect onscreen of floating around in space, she was hooked up to 12 carbon thin wires that were attached to a carbon fiber copy of some of her main body parts. These wires obviously were not seen in the movie. The same puppeteers from the movie “War Horse” were used in this movie to specifically move Sandra around for the long scene shots inside the spacecraft. The original name for this movie was “Space Adventure in 3D”. I like the sound of “Gravity” much more. Simple and right to the point. I would have named it “Disoriented”.

Pros: The cinematography of this movie was out of this world! Pun intended. Earth never looked so beautiful from space and the feeling of peace and quiet from so far away was lovely. The opening scenes with Clooney’s character floating around the spacecraft in a free spirited and humorous manner and Sandra’s character all serious and tight, gave the audience a very clear picture of how they would be acting for the rest of the film. I thought Clooney’s character was going to be annoying, but he was actually tolerable in this one. I liked the fact that his character played a vital role in giving Ryan (Sandra) hope and humor to keep her going. I saw the entire psychology of what he was trying to do with her to prepare her to keep strong. I honestly think he knew he wasn’t going to make it after he roped her in and asked her about her life down on earth. He “knew” when he said, “I’ve got good news and bad news.” My absolute favorite part of the entire movie was a small role played by a major player in one of my favorite movies, ever. “The Right Stuff” starred Ed Harris as astronaut John Glenn. That movie holds a very, very special place in my heart and the reason why I love jet airplanes, astronomy and space to this day. Anyways, hearing Ed Harris’s voice in the movie provided the movie with a special connection to “The Right Stuff”.

Cons: As a former Para-Professional (that’s what they call EMTs, Lifeguards etc), one of the first things they tell you when facing danger or a circumstance where you would start hyper-ventilating is to remain calm and breathe through your nose so you can get the maximum oxygen to your brain, hence giving you a better function of thinking clearly. Why Ryan (Sandra) was hyper-ventilating in space knowing she was using up her oxygen faster than I can eat Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, is beyond me. I was surprised she lasted that long with how much she was panting. The wig! Don’t even get me started on her wig. As soon as I saw her short hair, I knew exactly why and it was painfully obvious to me. The hair was really rigid. Also, those tear drops you see her crying. You can’t cry in space! Tear drops attach themselves to your face, even if you sobbed and cried several teaspoons of tears, they will remain on your eyes or slide over to your other eye. The dialogue was ok, I think there could have been more eloquency with it though for such a masterpiece of a movie.

Cinematography: I tip my hat to Emmanuel Lubezki who was Director of Photography in this movie. Mr. Lubezki’s eye popping way of showcasing peace, chaos, terror, sadness and loneliness in space was a masterpiece and absolutely incredible. Kramer Morganthau is still my favorite cinematographer though. Emmanuel even filmed one of my favorite movies, “The BirdCage” starring Nathan Lane and Robin Williams. I’m still in awe with the technology they used to film this movie, it’s definitely one of a kind. I think Emmanuel was perfect for this kind of movie and the scenes it required.

Music score: Steven Price (II) produced the score for this movie. The music was nicely composed and fit well with the scenes.

Favorite quote:
Ryan: “Thank you.”

Audience reaction: Adventure Boy and I saw this in 3D this past weekend. The theater was pretty full and the audience appeared captivated for most of the movie. The 3D effects had me dodge here and there a little bit whenever the satellite debris would come flying around. There is nothing more terrifying then knowing that all those things would be coming at me again after several minutes of orbiting the earth. I kept thinking, “Hurry up, all that debris is going to come back again and I’ll have to suffer from jerking back and forth with the 3D effects of debris flying into me!”

Relatability: (Spoiler alert) Ever since I was a wee child in Brazil, I was always fascinated by astronomy. I made up my mind to become an astronaut and declared it to my mom from 1st Grade until 8th grade until I discovered I was scared of heights. Nevertheless, I kept that dream alive and read everything I possibly could about life as an astronaut and the constellations. I will never cease looking up at the sky at night and being awed by how small we are in this universe, yet so important to our earth. I’m fascinated by Physics and seeing how it played out in this movie was enough to keep me interested.

There was similarities between this movie and “Life of Pi” with the characters and dialogue. As a parent, I could relate to the love she had for her only child. As most of the movies I review, I easily related more to the male character (Clooney) who was optimistic and carefree. I liked how the movie had him be her emotional support system when he was alive and after he passed away. The part where Clooney’s character is sitting with her in the spacecraft, I knew it wasn’t really him. I knew she must have been dreaming and that it wasn’t him coming back to her. That part of the movie was predictable. I did like how he came to her mind at a crucial moment in the movie so she could use that last energy left inside of her emotionally and physically to head back to earth. It made me think if I have anyone who is my constant life cheerleader who keeps me pumped up when I want to give up. There were only two times this entire year when I just though I didn’t want to blog anymore for a few months, but I kept on going anyways. One of the reasons why was because of the new subscribers I kept on getting. Those new subscribers saved me from walking away from blogging for a few months. Also, it was myself who kept telling myself to just keep on typing. And I have. And I will.

Taking it back retro style!

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20 thoughts on “Gravity (2013) Movie Review

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  2. No doubt about how beautiful this movie is, because that’s exactly what it is. The only problem is that the script didn’t quite work as well I thought. Good review.

    1. I agree. I’m glad you also noticed the “blah” dialogue of the movie. The plot was bland and unoriginal. I must admit, I was a bit concerned of how they would pull it off by having this story up in Space for that long, but somehow they succeeded. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Nice review. Though I am not nearly as enchanted by space or claustraphobia (ironically the space out there is endless, but to me being stuck in that suite would be horrific.) it sounds like one I would enjoy if Superman was flying around it.

      1. That will probably be the thing. I did go to the theater yesterday for the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, but that was for my kiddos. They loved it and I have to admit I liked it too.

    1. There is a cool video on YouTube of an astronaut proving that you can’t cry in space. You should check it out. It’s kinda weird! 🙂 Yeah, I thought the effect was pretty cool too. Thank you for your nice comment!

      1. I can’t imagine how this will have the impact at home that it does in the theater. Stoked you saw and liked it. Have you seen Apollo 13 because not only is Ed Harris in that he’s the flight controller. Also I don’t care how much training you had, panic under those circumstances is pretty understandable. Awesome review though. You liked Clooney just give in. He will appear to you in a hypoxia induced hallucination and gtant you wisdom

      2. I saw the impact it had on my wallet though seeing it in 3D! :O Anyways. I have seen Apollo 13 and liked it very much! I thought Apollo 13 was much more realistic albeit it didn’t have all that fancy technology in it. Ed Harris rocks! Well, she was panicking a bit more than what she should have been doing and for a “Dr.”, she should have known better. 😛 FIf she panicked a bit more, the movie would have been over in 30 minutes and we’d all go home for the night. LOL. Clooney seems to have the same personality in all his movies. Except maybe that Clancy one, I think. He was real good in that one. Oooh. Clooney appearing to me and granting me wisdom? That sounds mighty funny, but I’ll have to see that one happen. Thanks for stopping by Sleepless Dave!!!! 🙂

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