You want to bully me? Here’s a video for you. :)

Video Credit: AndreasChoiceTv
(Andrea is one of my favorite YouTubers. Go check her out!)

For those people who came on recently to say post stupid comments to my blogger friends, you DO realize I have your email addresses AND IP address every time you leave a comment, right? So, it’s very easy for me to see your matching IP addresses, even though you hide under different email accounts. LOL

Go out and get some fresh air. You guys need it. LOL. And stop bothering the kind bloggers who stopped by to comment on blogs.

You’re welcome!!

38 thoughts on “You want to bully me? Here’s a video for you. :)

    1. It’s rather comical. Their comments are like being hit by feathered arrows. No affect on me whatsoever. It’s hard to take anyone serious with horrific grammar, LOL!!!!! The comments are over at my “Life of Pi” movie review. You can scroll down and read their comments. Should I delete them or leave them there? I heard once you start getting hater comments, you’ve made it BIG, haha. I guess I’m big time stuff now, hehe!

      1. Suddenly, Peter Gabriel’s song “Big Time” comes to mind. One of my favorites. πŸ˜€ You should give it a shot for your Bitter Amusement Park. LOL Maybe I should respond to the commenters with a Peter Gabriel song “Big Time” just to annoy them. Haters are just huge SECRET FANS in my opinion.

      2. Ha ha! Of course haters are just secretly fans of yours. Why else would they even come to your blog unless they were big fans of your opinion. I think the only thing keeping you from being big time is that you just want to be a good mom and you like your job and helping people. Otherwise you would be famous.

      3. Awesome! Adventure Boy and I are watching Transformers as we speak. He LOVES the Transformers and so do I. He wants to buy a bubblebee car when he grows up and can drive. πŸ™‚

      4. I was going to say, ‘I don’t remember seeing that one last night’. Adventure Boy put on Netflix and was watching the third installment last night. He’s too old for movies like “Cars” or “Planes”. He’s always liked Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Indian Jones types of movies since he was a kid. LOL. Hm. I wonder why. Oh wait, it’s because of me! πŸ˜›

      5. He’s practicing as we speak. He does blog, but it’s all kid speech with “ikr” and what not. It’s a good way of him to write and it gives him incredible self esteem when people “like” his movie reviews. He said he was going to do a “Gravity” review, but he’s too busy playing with Minecraft, haha.

      6. I want to kill that game Minecraft. My kids got addicted to it and the only way to get them off it was to get them hooked on another. I would take any game over that one. So do you let older people read his blog? What is the website?

      7. Yeah, of course. He’s written his reviews along with mine, I just post his blog link on my movie review. Go to my “Alien” movie review and you’ll see his link there. I astrixed it. Is that even a word? πŸ™‚

      8. Others have left him comments. Sometimes he forgets he has comments waiting moderation, so I go in there and “approve” them if he forgets. I think he’ll have a good laugh when he’s 21 or something and sees what he thought of movies when he was 12!

    1. Haha, I loved your response to them! I figured out that the “commenter” by the two names of Zackaria and Daniel are the same person or a person(s) using the same computer due to their matching IP address. If you check their response to your comment on your email notifications you’ll see their IP address. You can only see it unless it’s a comment directed to you or another blogger responding to your comment on my blog. Anyways, back to my detective work…haha…the names of Troy and Mathieu also share the same IP address. Two different people with two “alibi” names. Or it’s the same person who has WAY TO MUCH TIME on THEIR HANDS to be running around the house using 2 different computers using 4 alibi names. If I have time, I’m going to see their location by a software, but I have a feeling they are from Italy!

      1. Haha, no that is not me- that is Andrea. I put proper video credit under her video and mentioned people should check her out. I follow her on YouTube. I used this video before for another blog post, it’s one of my favorite videos she has done that I really like.

      2. Oh…

        I’m sure you did, but I tend to skip over the details.
        This Andrea girl has a lot of personality!
        Well, good catching back up with you!
        I hope your week is going well.

      3. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome! The week has been sluggish, but it’s all good. My Gravity review is up next. Have you seen it? I’d like to hear your thoughts about it….

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