JavaGirl’s Journal Week 18: Consistency

Dear Journal,

This past week was good and a lot of things got done at work. I’m really starting to like the whole new team we have at work. For once, everyone gets along and talks to each other, there is no sense of leaving someone out. I don’t really feel there is a “club” like there has been in the past years with other staff members. It’s a nice feeling and one I’ve wished for a long time when I worked with a team 5 years ago that was excellent. My amazing coworker helped me again today with some things with some giggles and lots of smiles. It’s nice to have someone else at the office who smiles other than myself. I like putting people at ease when I talk to them, even if I am not feeling well, so I always smile at them so they feel ok around me. A lot of my smiling and friendliness comes from growing up in my country where I never met a shy Brazilian. Hot sun, amazing beaches, fresh shrimp and tropical juice drinks by the cabana…what isn’t there to smile about? Life was good.

With my job, I’ve gotten quite used to clients giving up because others have given up on them or they have given up on themselves. As my job, we have to remain constant (with ourselves and professionally) with our clients and reassure them we’ll always be there for them. I think what happened today was that this person has had people give up on her in the past, so she was shocked I wasn’t walking away from her too. That isn’t the purpose of my job. I’m suppose to help her and I want to help her. It’s a great feeling to give that person the feeling of consistency, especially when so many people in the past have given up on them. Reliability and consistency are things that are quickly becoming extinct in society. If someone has at least one person they know that will not go away or give up on them, then it does make a difference. I love it when my friends tell me, “Hey, I’m not going anywhere” and they actually mean it years later.

16 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal Week 18: Consistency

  1. I have always been a loyal person. I’ve been my parents kid for like 40 years now. I’ve been my wife’s husband for 13 years, my kids father for 6 and 9 years, my job for 12 years, Spurs fan for 22 years and barely had a sick day in 40 years. It my most boring and least appreciated skill, but I guess some people appreciate it. Maybe I should be doing what you do.


    1. Indeed it is my lovely friend. 🙂 I’m still up in the air about house hunting. I’d love to be by the ocean. I know you wrote a blog recently and I haven’t forgotten you, so I’ll be stopping by there very soon. It was a busy day for me and I’m just getting on twitter and WP now to catch up on tweets and comments (on WP). I LOVE KEANE!


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