JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 17 Must. Continue. Fighting. The. Battle.

This picture was taken this summer at a local park.

Dear Journal,

I can’t keep up with my weeks. All I know is that this past week was brutal physically for me. After getting a little cold, I was ambushed out of nowhere by an unforgivable stomach virus that just put my body at its mercy. Who knew such a tiny microscopic thing can have such a powerful effect? To have that much power over another organism and yet be so small and minute. Amazing. I should drink more, as in water. It cleanses the body and freshens up the blood on a daily basis. Monday and Tuesday were the worst days of last week physically and I couldn’t even write up my documents due to nausea and stomach pains. I also had 5 deadlines I had to meet by Friday. It took every ounce of my energy to get motivated to just type when my body was aching and I felt weak. I hate feeling rushed and by Friday I was feeling a bit better, but I had to still push on and finish my deadlines. I did finish them, btw. I didn’t really have a choice either. I always work best under extreme pressure, but it was extra hard last week. I kept thinking of people who kept pushing on even though they felt weak and hopeless of movies that I saw. Why I was comparing my current situation to extreme survival movies is beyond me, but I blame it on my fevers. I love how the human spirit prevails and with hope, one is able to push just once more towards their goal of coming out of it. Hope is a huge factor to have. It keeps your inner spirit alive and actually does wonder to the body. Even if in the movies some of the main characters died off (The Way Back), they survived a lot longer with hope if they hadn’t had it before. One can never know how much hope can take them further, if they never have it to begin with. Did that make sense. In my mind it does.

This week I’ve gotten to know three of my coworkers better. All three are new staff members and have to shadow us to learn the ropes. One particular coworker reminds me a lot of a friend who immediately became my best friend after I met her many years ago. We just connected very well, especially after we discussed how respect is vital in friendships and relationships. As I was chatting with her, she said, “You are the friendliest staff member out of everyone. You always come talk to me. ” She later said my outgoing personality brought her out of her shyness. It’s hard to find female friends who are like minded and have similar values these days. When I do find friends like her, whether it’s in real life or from blogging, I value them so much. They have a light, fun, wise and way about them that just brings out the best in me. I think it’s so important to have people who bring out the best in you; their positive attitude enhances your life. Life can become so beautiful with the right friends.

International and National News: Syria is disarming their weapons. The Government shut down. A group of thug motor bike riders surrounded a man and his family in his SUV which caused the driver of the SUV to be beaten severely. What has happened to taking responsibility in today’s society? It’s the total arrogance that just makes me fume! In other news, people from MIT and Harvard “accidentally” produced a real light saber. Anyone who is a freak Star Wars fan like myself were happy to hear this. Swinging a lit up plastic sword can only go so far in being Star Wars in any way. The Star Wars swords I would kidnap (temporarily) from my guy friends as a child would bend and then I would look like a total Jedi loser.

Video of the Week: I couldn’t stop laughing after I watched this video, I mean the man is fine and so is the goose. Didn’t know a goose could battle with a lighsaber on its head! Then again, that’s what I get at almost 3 AM looking at countless videos worthy of this blog post. I present to you, JEDI GOOSE!!

Video Credit: MMMRCHPCTB

16 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 17 Must. Continue. Fighting. The. Battle.

  1. Hey I too have been unwell. had a head cold that turned bronchial and also feel very weak. On top of that I had a massive two weeks at work but battled through a run of 12-14 hour days. Now our weather has changed to the “Build Up” and is knocking me about with high temps 26 C overnight and humid daytime temps around 35 C. I have not had the energy to Blog. I wanted to look at online day trading too but toooo sleeeeeepy. Battle on girl battle on. Glad you have a blossoming friendship.


    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your illness. Those sound like very long hours. How are you feeling today? I’m honored and extremely appreciative you took the time to write a comment. That’s very, very kind of you. I know how hard it is to even write up long blogs. I’m feeling much better and I will send some healing thoughts across the oceans to Australia. Looking forward to seeing more pictures! Get better soon! 😀


    2. Oh, online day trading. I love watching the Stock Market too, believe it or not. A bit of info not many people know about. I haven’t done it in a while, but thinking of getting a portfolio to start investing or seeking out some new businesses out there. I love discussing these things, but finding people who watch the market is hard in my circle of friends. LOL


  2. So many things going on in your life. Nice to meet a friend you can connect with. I am still looking for that one friend that I can really connect with. I was really distracted by your Jedi goose though. I watched that at least three times and actually laughed out loud. That is an accomplishment for me! Thanks for that.


        1. I was bored and typed in “animals with lightsabers”. I had two other videos up, but I chose this one because I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m writing this comment after a very busy and long day….and 4 hours of sleep. What is wrong with me? Where is my bed????


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    1. I guess I’m one of the weird ones, I suppose. So far, this week has been good. I’m feeling much better (with a little cough) and things are looking up. Hope your move has been easy. A new town, new friends, new everything. I hope this place treats you kind and that you’ll have find many more adventures there. 🙂


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