Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV


I took this photo a while back. This lamp is beside my mom’s bed where I slept last night. I miss her. This photo reflects her because of the colors and the subdued mood of it. It’s an usual POV for me because it’s not everyday I take close up pictures of her lampshade.


This picture was taken earlier this year in January at the lobby of the DuPont Hotel in Delaware. It’s an unusual POV for me because seeing those lamps were unusual (at least to me). I love the soft reflection of the light of the left lamp on the wooden table. The mood of the picture strikes me where maybe Frank Sinatra should be singing in the background, perhaps the song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. I listened to the Frank Sinatra, looked at this picture and guess what? The picture came alive!

Blogger’s Note: Music is such a vital part of my daily life that even music inspires what kind of pictures I take.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

      1. I know…you have a madness to your method. 😛 I haven’t quite reached that level of intricate in taking blurry pictures. It’s a prestigious skill only one such as yourself can do. :p

  1. Both pictures are excellent answers to the challenge. It’s always inspiring when you find a different POV, isn’t it? Although both pictures are about artificial lights, they are so different. While the first one is simple and full of subtle atmosphere the last one is more complex and more like a portrait of an interior. My favourite is probably your mother’s lamp.

    1. Thank you!!! I dug through some old photos and came up with these. I always have a little twist with my photo challenges. I love the one with two lights. It’s just so calming to me for some reason. I’m glad I was there. It was much lighter (the room), I just contrasted it for the mood of the picture.

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