My visit to the September 11th Memorial Park

September 11th. The day that broke my heart and many others around the world. We will always remember. It’s a somber day, yes, but it’s also a time to celebrate life that was and life that has flourished as a result of our human spirit to want to keep moving forward. Today I am remembering the victims of September 11th and also our heroes that sacrificed their lives to save others.

Amanda's Camelot

How is everyone doing? I had worked on this video as soon as I came home from NYC and finished it Saturday afternoon. Due to the snow we got, my internet was running slower than usual and I could not upload this video. I must’ve tried 10 times, but luckily on the 11th try, it finally uploaded. I love Vimeo! They have to approve all videos and they have always approved mine, so I’m very happy to share this video with all of you.

My trip to NYC Friday was a lot of fun! Even though we walked a lot of city blocks, it was a good memory for all of us. It was good we went on the day we did go because the freak winter snow that fell upon the East Coast the next day!

In the video, you’ll see our cab driver. He was the nicest cab…

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