JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 12


Dear Journal,

I know I missed week 11, but that week was a blur. Nothing more to say about it. This week, however, I do have some things to report. Let’s start with the best news first before we move into the Syfy experience I encountered last week. So, during my vacation, my mom had to go to the ER due to extreme pain in her hip. Once at the ER down at the shore, the x-rays revealed an old broken hip. She had surgery the next day and is recuperating just fine. Before surgery, her doctors had told her that due to blood clots in her groin area that any hip surgery would be fatal and she could die on the operating table. Going to the ER for her pain was the best thing that happened to her because now she has a new titanium ball in her hip and she doesn’t feel as much pain. Granted, she still needs to go to rehab and gain more strength, but overall, she will be walking soon. Remember my dream in my previous post? Sounds prophetic to me. I’m very excited about her progress and I’ve breathed a sigh of relief. She had been talking about hospice care before this and that had dampened my spirits quite a bit. My mom always pulls through. My vacation was not really relaxing at all because I was running around helping my mom as much as I could and making sure she felt comfortable, but I was able to fit in some relaxing times by the beach when I could.

In this video, you hear my song “Dance of the Fireflies” that I composed a few years ago..

I just know that I love the ocean and there is something magical, serene and relaxing about that place. I am in my element when I’m at the beach. The way the ocean waves washes up to you and then retreats back to the ocean. It’s as if it’s cleaning your soul and mind. Repeatedly. Until, it just sounds like a lullaby that soothes and relaxes you. All my summer vacations growing up have been at the beach. Everyday was a beach day for me in Brazil, always sunny and seeing the palm leaves sway with the warm wind. I was happy. I still am. And my life will only get better if I keep staying positive.

Ok. On to my SyFy experience.

As I was driving, I noticed over to the left side of me over the tree tops, some strange lights in formation. There were 3 of them and they were big! I turned down the radio and put down the window. There wasn’t a single sound emitting from them. They were directly over the trees moving very slowly in one direction along the side of the road. I thought maybe they were ultralights, but then I thought, why would there be three ultralights in this area at night in the rain? They were not para-gliders either. What could possibly be that wide and not emit sound? Adventure Boy said that he saw them sandwiched together from his view from the front seat. I had to keep my eyes on the road, so he was my eyes. He said they then all separated and did a line formation from each other. I put on my brakes and slowed down. I said to Adventure Boy, “What. Is. That?” Adventure Boy just looked across at me with a look on his face of bewilderment and shook his head. We continued to look up and you could see a black mass surrounded by blinking blue, white and greenish lights. They looked to be around 25 feet across, all three of them. All three of them were V shaped, but had a black mass in between. I was observing the pattern of the lights, because that’s what you do after you watch countless Science Fiction movies such as “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”. Haha. The longer I stared, I noticed the last two suddenly turned off their lights, but kept their lights dimmed. The first one kept its lights on. They were still moving a few feet over the tree tops with their blinking lights. The red car in front of me had also put on their brakes, so this made me slow down to be able to observe them longer. By this time, the red car driver’s finger was out his window pointing up to the lights. The red car pulled completely over to the side of the road to observe. My only regret is that I kept on driving and didn’t think of pulling out my camera to video tape it. I should have pulled to the side of the road too and talked to them. What did we see that night? Why was it there? How come there wasn’t any sound? Why was it in the drizzling rain? Those three weird objects were too low, slow and quiet to be plane. As you all know, I love jets and I’m very familiar with war spy planes that are triangular shaped etc, but this was completely different. Do I believe in Area 51? Yes. Do I believe that’s where aliens are kept? No way. Could they have been drones? Possibly. I wouldn’t think drones would have blinking lights on them either to make themselves obvious. The mystery continues. I just know I googled what I saw and have seen that a few other people have reported that they saw the same thing I saw that night, but in different months and years. I watched several YouTube videos of people who video taped strange lights at the ocean all hours of the day. I just don’t know how to explain them. Seeing those strange lights was not scary at all, but rather fascinating. My analytical mindset kicked in and I kept thinking of what or how they were up in the sky without making any loud motor sounds. I still don’t believe in alien though.

International and National News: Syria is a mess. It’s so sad what they are doing to their people. Miley is a mess too and proved to the world at the VMAs.

21 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 12

    1. Thanks Chrisstov! She is in rehab now and I just finished seeing her. She’s in good spirits and is anxious to start walking again. She’s been immobile for the past six months or so. Thanks for stopping in and commenting, I always appreciate it!

  1. Great video. I liked the music. Was that you singing in it? J/K! Your mom has a titanium hip now? Not that I would ever want to go through the pain she did, but I would love to have a titanium hip (and shoulder for that matter). Then maybe I could be a good basket ball player and make me some money finally!

    1. Thanks Ben! LOL. You’re funny! I have a bionic woman for a mom. She also has knees made out of steel. What can I say? Wait…I thought you were doing t-shirts to make money!!

      1. I got bad news for you. I am no good at acting, singing, composing music, directing, cinematography, photography,key gripping, or sound boying. The only creative talent I’ve got is writing. Talented you is going to have to do the rest. Call me when the script needs to be written.

    1. I had forgotten how much I’ve missed the ocean. I used to drive down to our beach house just to get away to get some R & R when life got too stressful. It was wonderful. Then after we sold it, I didn’t have anywhere to go quite like it. :/ Luckily, we know the people we sold it to so they always save a week during the summer for us to hang out at our old beach house. When I was there, it felt like a sanctuary of peace-how I missed it! My mom is a trooper! I’m really happy for her. She’s gone through so much with this cancer. Thanks for your comment and your beautiful heart for caring. You are a gem!

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