Some things I’ve seen during my vacation

Hello my darlings,

I’ve been on vacation since last Thursday and getting internet is hard for my laptop where I’m staying at. I can still get it on my beloved Android, but not to write up long blogs. Here are some pictures from my vacation with some explanations below them.

This is one of Adventure Boy’s friends enjoying the sprays of the water. All the little white specks are from the sprinklers from the farm behind him. We all got very wet for this picture, but it was well worth it after a nice long day at the beach.

I like this picture. Aventure Boy’s friend happened to turn towards the camera and I quickly snapped his picture. He wasn’t expecting it, but he didn’t mind anyways. It gives a bit of a mind twist to an earthly environment somewhere in the universe meshed together.

On the way to Cape May (the tip of New Jersey), I saw these doors just standing alone on a field. Of course, seeing such a cool sight, I had to stop and take a picture. Things like this capture and delight my imagination.

Down at the beach looking at the light house in Cape May. The day was beautiful and I had fun capturing this photo.

Hey, what about that? How cool is this fort/bunker type of building on the beach? This is also down by the lighthouse and Adventure Boy and I stomped across the hot sand to get a closer look. I almost wished zombies came out from it and chased everyone away from the beach. Yes, I’m a huge Walking Dead fan! There were lots of “No trespassing” signs all over the building. There were also guards/security eyeballing people off in the distance. It was fun exploring all around it, but it was getting hot after a while. I took a lot more pictures with my mom’s camera for angles and “artsy” type of pictures for another day.

Another view of the apocalyptic bunker by the sea. It was such a beautiful day too. Wish you all were with me.

Ok. That’s it for now. I’m not sure when I’ll have internet access again. Hopefully soon. I’m trying to upload quicker updates on my twitter account, but twitpic is being stupid and I’m having problems uploading my videos. How’s everyone these days? A big hello and hugs to my new subscribers! I’m past 350 email and follow subscribers now. You guys are so sweet and patient. Talk soon! xoxo

21 thoughts on “Some things I’ve seen during my vacation

    1. Me too! I’ve been a huge fan of surreal photos and sculptures. Have you ever heard of Andy Goldworth? I think that’s his last name! He makes surreal art sculptures out of stones, grass, sticks and flowers. He’s amazing! My retro pin up hairstyle is a lot of fun. I am a bit of a retro girl anyways. 😉

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