Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two ways


A secret garden not too far from the pink chapel I took a picture of for another photo challenge. The left is a normal picture of what I saw as I walked by. The right side brings to my mind a more romantic, dreamy and fairytale mood to the garden. The left side brings out a normal conversation tone, but the right seems to bring out a hushed voice as if we are to wait a see if two lovers will meet up at the bird bath and steal a kiss.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two ways

    1. I have a lot of imagination! Thanks so much for you compliment about my thoughts regarding the right picture. I am a romantic at heart and it reflects sometimes in my pictures. I think with this one, it was maybe a desire of what I wish to happen. This is someone’s yard, so I can’t just show up there one day. Haha

      1. You have an amazing gift! Who said romance was dead? 🙂 I wish I had your k ack for knowing just what enhancement a photograph needs! Maybe the owner of that yard has a romantic heart too, and will let you show up there , who knows? 😉

  1. Great photos both of them, but it’s even more fun when I read your understanding or interpretation of each of the variations. But I do agree, the one to the right creates more of a fairy tale mood. But it also focus the intention on the pot in the middle of the picture.

    1. That means a lot-what you wrote. Yes, I was a little afraid no one would notice the pot in the middle. I took the picture in haste so the leaves or branches were covering some of it. I’m glad you noticed it though! I know the rules were to take a horizontal and vertical, but I rarely follow rules. 😛 I’m carefree in photography and try to show my viewers what I interpret with the “challenges”. Thanks for stopping by Munchow!!!

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