JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 10

Dear Journal,

I had a dream last night I’m trying to make sense of. Perhaps I have already after I found a quote online and thought more about it. In my dream, the second part of it, I was at the edge of a very high cliff overlooking turquoise water below me. It was a sunny day and I could feel the warm rays of the day. My mom was walking in the dream and appeared quite healthy. In reality, my mom uses an electric scooter to get around. Even in my dream, I was surprised to see her walking about. So my mom and I were up there and we had to get down to the bottom to get somewhere and that was the only way. I had no choice. I had to take the leap, but I was terrified. My mom said, “Come on! If I can do it, so can you!” and with that she ran forward and leaped into the waters below. My heart was pounding by this time because now I knew I was officially alone up high on this cliff. I waited to hear a splash, but I never did. Next thing I know, my mom has bounced back up from a huge mushroom in the water. Mushroom? I don’t do drugs. I hardly had time to digest the fact my mom was walking around before I had to almost laugh at seeing her bounce back up from the water into the air and splash somewhere else not too far away. I walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down. It was too high for me. I yelled down to my mom and told her, “I can’t do it! It’s too high! I won’t make it, it’s too high!” I still remember how terrified I was feeling knowing eventually I had to jump off. Even in my dream, I thought about finding some way back down elsewhere. Anywhere. There had to be a way other than leaping off this ridiculously high cliff.


I later found a quote online that seemed to maybe answer my question. I heard water represents emotions. I also heard leaping off a cliff represents confronting a fear in the future. Leap of faith? How does my mom fit into it? I hate heights. Maybe I’m just watching too many National Geographic shows.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.- Walsch”. Funny thing is, I do pretty good outside of my comfort zone. I just remember being and feeling all alone up there and knowing leaping off that crazy cliff was the only way to get down. Yes, I know I’m going to get some pretty silly interpretations of my dreams. When I told my mom earlier tonight, she just laughed. I said, “But mom, you were walking in my dream!”

It was another busy week and I’m looking forward to my vacation soon. A few people even said I could pass for Adventure Boy’s older sister. Score! I knew this new Betty Page haircut would come in handy someday.

National and International News: Obama cancels a meeting with Putin. Floods continue to hit Colorado. A teen who was abducted is found and her abductor killed. A police officer in Camden, NJ was caught sleeping during duty and his picture was widely circulated on Facebook.

Video of the week: I didn’t know whether to post the sharkcat video or the latest trailer for “Thor: The Dark World”. I chose this one instead because Tom is the man. This video has more of Tom Hiddleston (Loki) in it, much to my delight and increased crush on him. I’m looking forward to this movie and so is Adventure Boy. I just know it will be a thousand times better than The Great Gatsby. At least Thor has the balls to fight for his woman. If I were a superhero woman, believe me, I would fight for my man. I would crush all my enemies with my over confidence and brilliant battle maneuvers. Lol.

10 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 10

  1. Quite a dream which I will not try to decipher, but it looks like you have already gotten some clues. I had to laugh of the mushroom leap. lol. And I love the quote by Walsch.

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