JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 9

Dear Journal,

These weeks are passing by fast. I discovered this week that there comes a point in one’s life where you just can’t stress anymore. It’s not giving up altogether, it’s a weird feeling of complacency when you realize you just don’t have full control of things anymore. You just have to shrug your shoulders, smile and let out a huge sigh. I’m at that point. Perhaps because I just put in my week of vacation towards the end of August and I’m already in vacation mode. There comes also a time to decide or pick and choose your battles of what things to stress about. I hate worrying. I don’t like thinking how I’m going to do something that seems impossible or hard. There are certain things in my life that are being put on “pause” for the time being. Other things I have to put the brakes on and analyze them a little more. My car has been in the shop since Tuesday getting fixed. The final cost does not make me very happy at all.

The great news I heard this week was that my mom’s markers went down from 50 to 35. I was relieved and happy to hear that. It makes me feel as though I’ll have her around a little longer and one thing off my checklist of stressing over.

Unfortunately, my trip to Quebec City, Canada will have to be postponed to next year. I wasn’t entirely disappointed by this due to my money going towards getting my car fixed because I hadn’t spent too much time investing into the travel anyways. All things happen for a reason, even this trip to Canada. Somehow preparing for the trip got buried in the hustle and bustle of a busy work schedule.

I’m still looking at homes and found a few affordable ones down by Atlantic City. I think a lot of the houses have been lowered due to Sandy or they were ruined by the hurricane. I just know property taxes, condo fees and crime rate in the neighborhood are what I look for the most before even looking at the place. I wouldn’t mind living by the Ocean. I am a beach girl after all. Of course, anyone living by the beach has to realize the reality of weather circumstances and risk it some years by living there all year round. Whatever home I buy, I don’t plan to live there forever. It’s just for the time being. Rent is too high to keep moving from place to place and my mom still around has me looking for a home in NJ so I can be near her to take care of her. I find a cool home and then I see the property taxes are 5,000 a year. That’s too much for me. If I moved to Atlantic City or Margate, I’d eventually have to change jobs…or I could just win the lottery. Which, I might add, is up to 300 million dollars! (Gasp)

I heard the military is in need for speed….that is if you are a pilot. When I heard that, I wish I could sign up. If I had another life, I’d want to be a test pilot (with the guarantee of always landing safely, of course) or just a pilot for one of those F-18 jets. I hope more pilots sign up as a result, as we constantly need protection in the air along our borders. I’m always looking up at the sky. One of my favorite things to see is at dusk and to see the trail of a military jet that has passed overhead on his daily route.

Growing up all my life I’ve always known or have been friends with pilots. My mom and I used to travel in water airplanes (you haven’t quite lived an Indiana Jones life unless you’ve landed in the jungle in a water airplane in the Amazon river) such as little 4 seater planes, big jumbo military airplanes, 747’s, 10 seater planes etc.

Check out the Star Wars reference on the side of the plane!

One airplane ride I went on was here in Williamstown, NJ and I was in Junior High. My friend and I went up on this plane that did spins and spirals up in the air. I felt the sensation of feeling like an astronaut…defying gravity and feeling like I weighed 1 ounce.

National and International News: I suppose Snowden will stay in Russia. Russia decided he could stay there, lol. There is still protesting going on in Egypt regarding Morsi’s ousting. We have detected threats and as a result have closed Embassies all over the world. Fort Hood trial is set to open on Tuesday. A car in Venice Beach plows through a crowd and killed one person. A person like that shouldn’t even be called a human because he did that on purpose. This week I thought Snuffy the Seal was a real seal, haha. I knew the commercial for it was fake, but I thought it was from a real seal story. Sometimes I’m gullible.

Song of the week: I’m not much of a country music fan, but there are very rare moments when I actually do like a country song. This is one of those moments. Milton Patton. Watch for his name because a smart record producer will pick him up someday. I absolutely love his voice, albeit I can’t relate to this particular song. The song does have a nice tune to it though.

15 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 9

      1. Haha, not bitter at all. To be honest, I wasn’t invested emotionally yet into the trip because I didn’t have much time to plan it just yet. I was excited about going, I’ll give you that. Now I can chill and wait until everything falls into place and I can go again.

      2. I am bitter because for the first time in a while, I don’t have anywhere to look forward to, no long vacation lazing at home or nice trip to Orlando to be annoyed by everything Disney.

  1. Quebec City is wonderful, thus worth the wait. It’s the closest thing North America has to feeling like one is in Europe! Glad luck with your continued search for a new place …. and cheers to your mom’s numbers!

    1. Oh, I know….that’s why I want to go there because it will give me a little taste of Europe until I actually GO to Europe. THANK YOU for the kind words about my mom’s markers! I was wondering who of my blogger friends would understand what I meant by that. It also tells me who actually read my entire blog, hehe. I like to throw some things in my blogs (random) to see if someone picks it up. It’s fun to see who reads it! I’ll be swinging by your blog soon!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH Michelle! 😀 I am thrilled by it too. I’ll still be going to Canada, just not this year 😦 It will give me more time to plan in a slower pace about where to stay, what to see or do. A lot of things happening (in real life) outside of my blogging life. I only “journal” 20% of my life, because I am private for the most part. Things are good. Hehe…..

  2. I agree with you about airplanes. I’ve always enjoyed every flight, even when the plane lost an engine…just more excitement for a little bit until we landed…

    1. Not yet. I found a very nice condo overlooking the ocean. But it’s far from work. :/ I love the beach, but I’m not sure if this is the right time to move that far. Who knows. Thanks for asking and thinking about my move, I appreciate it!!

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