For all you shark lovers out there!!!

So….rumor has it that Shark Week starts August 4th on the Discovery Channel, so I thought I’d be sweet and nice to you guys out there and post a video of the most vicious looking shark known to man! This shark makes Jaws look like a kitten! Juuust kidding. Speaking of sharks. What is “Sharknado”? I’ve seen people on twitter (mostly males) just rave about it. Is it just a guy show? I know it has to do with a hurricane or tornado that brings a shark to a town? Sounds crazy, but then again, crazy is good…for a show. Please enlighten me about this show “Sharknado” so I won’t be in the dark about it. I could just watch it on tv, but hearing about it from bloggers who watch it would be just as entertaining. Do you watch the show? What episode should I watch? Is it scary?

This video clip is pretty funny!

This is my 300th post!

16 thoughts on “For all you shark lovers out there!!!

  1. Sharknado is like one of those cheesy movies from Sci Fy network. It’s basically like Snakes on a Plane in that it is so bad it generates buzz. And so bad people watch it to make fun of it. Kinda like my blog.

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