JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 8


Dear Journal,

Wait. What? I’m already on week 8 in my little journaling expedition? This past week was crazy busy. I’m a day late in writing in you, but it’s because I’ve been super busy and I’ve been having a little too much fun as well. Remember how I was feeling like Yoda last week? Well, I said farewell to one of my clients and I’m confident she’ll be just fine. My other client leaves in two days and we are tying up loose ends with things she has to do. I’m very confident also with her and know she’ll blossom and grow into an exceptional woman.

I also took a peek at two condos with a realtor last week. It was exciting and fun, but I have a few others I want to look at. There is this complex that I had forgotten I had looked at a few years ago. This community appears so surreal and has a vibe of Pleasantville. I would even go as far as saying it looks like a movie set because everything looks a little too perfect. The sidewalks look like a maze, snaking in and out of doors and surrounded by meticulous gardens and courts. I’ve never seen a place quite like this and it has fascinated me like no other. There are two townhouses in that complex, but I’m going to see if they can drop their prices because I really like the two places a lot. We shall see. Owning a townhouse is scary, but it’s a new phase I have to enter sooner or later. Things seem to be dropping into my lap lately (some a bit sooner than expected, but I’m not complaining) and I’m just going with the flow. When things are meant to be, everything falls into place. But I always leave room for sudden changes.

Spent the weekend with mom. I was weeding in her yard and remembered how much I actually like weeding. I see a lot of things in my life as metaphors. Nothing like pulling things out of your life one by one to see the potential for new growth or to replace a barren life with exciting things. Not that my life is unexciting, but it’s great to add fun things to it now and then. I love gardening and to be able to do something she can’t do such as kneeling and pulling out weeds, I didn’t mind at all. Later we watched a movie, which seems to be a tradition she is starting every Sunday. We watched “Annie” for the zillionth 15th time, well for me, she hasn’t seen it that many times. “Annie” gave me the love for Broadway, Radio City Hall shows and black and white movies. Ever since I was a child and seeing Annie’s reaction entering Radio City Hall, I always wanted to experience that same feeling. I did eventually go to Radio City Hall and it was a dream come true. My heart was beating and I felt like a little girl being a place I had dreamed of as a child. My other childhood dream from seeing the movie “Annie” is to see a Christmas show in Radio City Hall with the Rockettes. To sit in the audience and see the show would be a dream come true once again.

International and National news: The Pope visited Rio amid millions of followers on the beach listening to him. Donovan McNabb is retiring! The Royal baby finally arrived, Prince George, is his name-o.

I’m trying my hand in black and white photography just for fun. Both of these pictures were taken on the other side of the rocky pier facing the ocean. The photo with the boat makes me smile because I picture it running from a horrible and enormous sea monster. Thanks Pacific Rim, now I have monsters on my mind. Would be fun if someone photoshopped it and added a Godzilla to the picture, what fun!


25 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 8

    1. Hey now! I like Donovan! πŸ˜› There was a funny picture I saw which had a dad eagle feeding his baby and the baby says to the father: “Dad, what’s a SuperBowl?” and the dad eagle says, “I don’t know, we’re just Eagles”. LOL. πŸ˜›

      1. Well, you would survive an Eagles game. However, if you wore a Dallas Cowboys shirt, you would not come out alive. The fans would eat you up alive! There has always been war between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. LOL.

  1. Seeing life through metaphors could be you have constant reminders … well, that can be good or bad – so don’t drive yourself with them. πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the townhouse possibilities … and thanks for the wonderful pic!

    1. Aw. Don’t worry. I’m not always seeing life through metaphors, but when I do, they are always good. πŸ˜€ I’m in a good place in my life right now, even though I just heard my transmission will cost 1400 dollars to fix! :O I’m going to let it slide like water on a duck’s back. I guess postponing my trip to Canada until next year in Spring is all I can do for now since the cost is pretty big to get my car fixed. It’s ok. Some things are worth waiting for, right? Thanks for your encouraging words my friend! I’ll be stopping by your blog very soon!

      1. Big ouch on unexpected car repairs (My car is going to the mechanic tomorrow). … but I’m glad to hear that the metaphors are the good ones, plus occasional. BTW – Time; The Musical – Act 5 is today.

    1. Awww, thank you so much Chrisstov! You’re always so nice and supportive of my blogs. I truly am honored and grateful. Subscribers like you is why I continue to blog. πŸ˜€

      1. Ewww! Ironed jeans, gross!! I used to wear torn jeans at the knees. Back in the day. When it was in style. Now, it would make me look homeless. I hardly wear jeans actually.

    1. Why thank you my dear!!! πŸ˜€ Black and white photography is new territory for me. I’m still learning, but it’s encouragement from awesome people such as yourself that gives me the courage to try my hand in it.

    1. Thanks! The townhouses are on a real estate website. I don’t want to show them juuuuust in case someone else sees them and snatches them up!!! I promise to make a video if I ever do get a house to show all my subscribers. If I forget, please remind me!

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