Pacific Rim (2013) Movie Review

To get Adventure Boy’s (kids version) movie review of the same movie, click here:

Pacific Rim: Movie Review from a kid’s point of view (Adventure Boy)

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Max Martini, Rob Kazinsky, Clifton Collins, Diego Klattenhoff and Ron Perlman.

Basic movie facts: Guillermo del Toro came up with the story one day by walking on the beach and imagining a battle between a robot and a giant sea monster. Before it was officially named “Pacific Rim”, the movie was called Silent Seas and Still Seas. There was an “American Idol” type of contest for the 100+ monsters (Kaijus) designed for the movie. The filmmakers were the judges and they would pick the best monsters of that week and break it down to the final few that actually made it into the film. So, the monsters you see on screen are the “winners” of the weekly contest with all their beauty and talent. Gipsy Danger, the hero robot, was inspired to be shaped of the Chrystler and Empire State Building with the swag of John Wayne.

Pros: It was great to see Ron Perlman as “Hannibal” even though he was so over the top with his outfit and golden shoes. I thought he was a pimp at first, even the audience was laughing at his outfit. The little girl who played “Mato” as a child for the flashback scenes was amazing (Mana Ashida). Her scenes were incredibly touching and moving. I hardly knew many of the actors which was great because I could focus on the story and not the persona of the actors. Max, the dog, was pretty cool to see and gave the movie a light hearted feel to it. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the sea monster sprout wings and take off into the air. The digital effects were fun and clear. I do have a question though. What was with all the zoom ins with tongues of the monsters? Tongues, tongues everywhere! Neon tongues, brown tongues; it was amusing, confusing and slightly disturbing to me. Oh, another pro was hearing the Australian accents. Made me melt. Just like we have “categories” for hurricanes, they had categories for the sea monsters.

Cons: This movie was very predictable and very stereotypical with the colors of the robots. With so many robots being destroyed, you would have thought they would have come up with a back up plan review of how to better improve the robots. Why was there just one nuclear robot and the rest weren’t? How come they didn’t make more weapons for the robots or have 10 more robots, after all, they were only fighting a few monsters. Then again, the movie would have ended in 10 minutes and this would have been the shortest movie review ever. I wished Dr. Newton Geiszler (the scientist who studied the Kaijus) would have toned down his voice and personality 10 levels. It was like he was on 50 cups of caffeine all the time. I’m not a scientist, but even I could tell the monsters were after him.

Cinematography: Director of Photography was Guillermo Navarro. Mr. Navarro has won an Academy award for Best Cinematography for the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)”. Some of his other movies he has filmed have included “Night in the Museum”, “HellBoy”, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2”, “The Resident” and “Spy Kids” to name a few out of 25 movies he has filmed. In this movie, Mr. Navarro filmed many of the scenes from a low angle which allowed the audience to feel the full effect of how tall and enormous the monsters and robots were. Mr. Navarro has been known to have a lot of yellows and blue hues in his movies, so this movie was no exception. There was plenty of neon blue hues within the world of the monsters. The mood of the movie was set by lots of concrete, greys, dark greys, rain, black and metal. This movie had an industrial feel to it, with a softening balance of close ups of some of the actors, dog, clothes and food to add texture to the movie. There was also some playful filming by Mr. Navarro through several scenes where during a big dramatic fight scene, the camera would come to a sudden halt to a tiny object such as the Newton Balls, which left the movie audience giggling.

Music score: Ramin Djawadi produced the score for the film. Ramin’s other works include scores for “Iron Man” and “Games of Thrones”.

Favorite quote: Stacker Pentecost: “One: Don’t you ever touch me again. Two: Don’t you ever touch me again.” I think he doesn’t like being touched.

Audience reaction: The movie theater was pretty packed. For the most part, the audience laughed at predictable and unpredictable parts of the movie. I heard one person clap when a monster was being beat up, but other than that, I had a feeling the audience liked it. I grew up watching “Spectreman” as a little girl and loved watching him beat up the godzillas and monsters on each episode. I also like Transformers, so the combination of robots and muscular sea monsters going at it with “Pacific Rim” was fascinating (but not original) to me. Besides, how could I resist not seeing this movie? Even Adventure Boy approved of this movie and was excited to see it!

Relatability: What I got from the story is that no matter what you go through in life, especially as a child or an adult, you must work together as a unit or as a team player with your significant other, friend or coworkers. Taking the time to really invest in your partner’s past will and can only help bond and bridge the connection between two people to become a better and stronger unit. It also helps if you trust that other person too with your life. This was a good movie. I enjoyed it and it’s not a movie that is deep in any level except the moral of the story. You should check it out when you can.

34 thoughts on “Pacific Rim (2013) Movie Review

  1. Can’t say that I loved this one all that much, but I had a good time. And that’s definitely more than enough than I can say about half of the summer blockbusters to have come out thus far. Nice review.

    1. It was fun and the first one I’ve seen this entire summer. The other movies haven’t looked too exciting for me. Up next is Word War Z. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. GaryLee828

    Good review. I need to see this. And I’m pretty sure the wound up scientist was being played by Charlie Day, whose trademark is being extremely hyper, so his intensity was intentional. You need to watch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

    1. There was already so much intensity with the fight scenes, I didn’t feel that a hyper character needed to be included. But, it’s not my movie. ::P I’ve never watched “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. I know they are always casting and filming around town. Philly always has film crews running around, it’s pretty fun. 🙂

      1. GaryLee828

        Yeah, Charlie Day is one of the 4 main characters of the show and he is very hyper a lot of the time, generally when arguing over petty issues with his friends. But then again they all get hyper when arguing with one another; that’s pretty much the basis of the show arguing over silly things. One of the gang will come up with some idea they think is “genius” but is in-fact totally moronic, and then as they attempt to start the plan they will all get into a huge argument the best way to go about executing it.

      2. Haha, sounds like typical Philly people. I’ll have to check it out one of these days. I’ll swing by your blog when I do and let you know. 😀

  3. The Review you put up is indeed very nice and I most like Favorite Quote and Relatability part..And as for the movie I somehow don’t have that much interest in it..

    1. It’s not for everyone, but I chose to see it because it was very over the top and a good summer movie. I’m happy you like the Favorite Quotes and Relatability. I don’t have much interest in that Great Gatsby or Twilight movies. 😛

      1. Haha, no way! I don’t know what your movie taste is like, but I was just giving an example of movies I could care less about. LOL. Sci-Fi is cool though.

    1. LOL, I liked it very much! It’s always special to spend movie times with my son. We have a tradition of eating those small Personal Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut before seeing a movie. This was our first one in several months. On the way to the theater, Adventure Boy said, ‘Mom, don’t forget we have to eat pizza before the movie!” It’s those memories that mean the most to me. He’ll probably forget the movie, but not the time we spent together. We are both looking forward to “Catching Fire” and “Thor: The Dark World” . Thanks for the compliment!!

    1. Haha, well ….do we have the same taste in movies? I was just wondering. This is a great movie to take a kid to. It teaches a good lesson and there are big robots fighting monsters…stuff boys like. Raising a son has been awesome for me. I’ve gotten to play on the floor with dinosaurs, planes, stuffed animals, learning the names of Bakugans and Pokemons…it’s a different world than having a girl (I don’t have a girl). I’m very girly, but I absolutely love tapping into my son’s life and what makes him happy. He loves Transformers, Star Wars and Jurrasic Park, so I’ve had to learn all their names of the characters. For the longest time I kept saying Optimus Primus instead of Optimus Prime. LOL.

      1. How dare you mispronounce the name of Optimus Prime. I grew up with that dude and shed a bitter tear when they killed him off in the Animated Movie. I still love them and don’t care how much people hate those movies. I will always love them. Thank goodness for you having a son.

      2. Haha. Adventure Boy would get upset when I would tease him and call Picachu “Pica-RAT”. AB would say, “He’s not a rat, he’s a MOUSE!” HAHAHA! Yes. It was a sad day when Optimus Prime was killed off. Why do they do such things to society? One wonders…

    1. Oooh, I’m excited for you! Hope you have a good time at the movies! 🙂 Btw. I subscribed to your blog. You’ve got a nice page going on over there! Looking forward to reading more reviews!

  4. I really like the way you structured your review with more than just your opinion but also facts about the film’s production and development. Very interesting! However, I do have to say your “cons” section was a bit funky. Many of the questions you raised were answered within the film. Gipsy Danger was an older Jaeger which was powered by a nuclear reactor, but the other Jaegers you saw in the film were newer models that didn’t expose their pilots to as much radiation (aka avoiding the reason Pentecost is sick). That not only explains why Gipsy Danger was the only one of its kind left, but also that the government had in fact been advancing the production of the Jaegers. Other than little things like that, I quite enjoyed your review 🙂 if you would care to see the opinions of my friend and I, we would love to hear what you have to say!


  5. Solid review. I just watched it yesterday. I wasn’t really that impressed with it, to be honest. The special effects and whatnot were pretty rad, though. The story line, however, was quite predictable. Cheers!

  6. A fun stupid time was had by all when we went to see it. I think my boy enjoyed it a lot more than I did. To be honest I was expecting a bit more from del Toro. Still one of the better blockbusters I have seen this summer.

    1. Yes, in fact, YOUR PACIFIC RIM blog is what made me want to check it out. The guys and 1 movie are always right on point in reviews. When you guys reviewed Jeff who lives at Home, I checked it out, tweeted about it and got the producer, writer to favorite my tweets twice! See? Great things comes from reading your movie reviews! 🙂

      1. With twitter, you never know what actors, producers or even cinematographers are reading your blogs or tweets! I’m always surprised! Now only if I could get Tom Hiddleston (my favorite actor) to read my tweets and blogs. Sigh…would be a dream come true. Sigh… 😉

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