The Rain Room: Where you stay dry

If you are in New York City, there is an exhibit called “The Rain Room” created by Random International at the Museum of Modern Art. Once you enter the room, the water above falls around you, but not on you. Technology senses your presence and makes the water pause until you move again.

I think this sounds fun and an experience to try out. I still love walking in the rain though.

RainRoom Shannon Stapleton Reuters pic3

RainRoom Shannon Stapleton Reuters

RainRoom Shannon Stapleton Reuters pic5

RainRoom Shannon Stapleton Reuters pic4

Photo credit: Shannon Stapleton & Reuters

22 thoughts on “The Rain Room: Where you stay dry

    1. Aw. I’m not too familiar with the psyche of Irish men. I don’t come across them too often. Yes, the lure of nature’s lullaby or song is incredibly enticing to me. As you may also know too.


    1. Standing in line is not my kind of thing. I hope it is still around a few months from now. I’ll stand in line when the weather is cooler. Lol. Good to see you Frank, my friend!


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