JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 7

Dear Journal,

I’m feeling like Yoda. Two of my best clients are moving across the country and this will be my last week with them. Both of them told me how grateful they are for what they have learned and they feel as though they now have the tools they didn’t have before to go out and make something out of themselves. Upon hearing this, it made me feel good. With my job, I really try hard to teach them not only what I’m suppose to, but other things that were taught to me. I’m very confident about both of them and feel I am able to let them fly to their destiny stronger than when they first came to me. I told both of them they are ready, strong, talented and an inspiration to others (including myself). The world awaits them. Seeing them go and saying goodbye is tough because I’ll miss them. I’m happy and sad. They are my best Jedi students and I’m excited to see what the future brings them. My sadness is temporary, of course, because they plan to come back and visit me. Hopefully, I’ll still be around when they do because I am getting restless and want to conquer other lands and learn new things.

Movies are movies, but some of them do have some cool life advices. Well, except Leo’s character who I am not sure what he was thinking when he was praying at 3:16 minutes of this video.

This made me think of all the Yodas I’ve had in my life. One of my mom’s closest friends is a woman I’ve known for most of my life. I’ve always looked up to her and to this day, she continues to help me be the best I can be as a person. This special woman has given me great advice about life, mind, soul, matters of the heart, parental relationship (with my mom) and shown such kindness to my mom and I. I consider her my second mom, actually. I don’t love her more than my mom, but she is just as important to me. She is my Yoda and I feel I can go to her and tell her anything or if I need advice, she will give me her honest opinion. She reminds me a lot of Mrs. Huxtable from The Cosby Show, one of my favorite family shows ever. She is just such a smart woman, regal, funny, sweet and a very wise person. I am her life student and I’m still learning. Each year brings new challenges and it’s great to know how to handle them, even the ones I’m scared to experience in the future; they are inevitable. There are days when I think, “Oh wow. This one is hard to go through. I can’t do it. I can’t.” Then she or my mom will say, “Yes, you can!”. I always come through it, somehow. Such is life. Does that mean I’ve mastered it? Some things in life are practice for the real deal. I think mastering how you handle a situation shows how you develop as a person. If you seem to have the same reaction every single time the exact thing happens, then you are not learning. I’ve had to get a taste of this this week with my car problems. Without my mom’s help, I’d feel at lost. I’m still learning how to deal with car problems on my own, figuring out transportation if needed to get to work, paying for the transmission etc. It’s not fun-at all. It’s a learning process. It’s not like I have to master and be some black belt in car problems, but I know how or who to talk to now if it happens again in the far, far future. Of course, gaining perspective and advice from fellow bloggers is always incredibly sweet and kind.

Mom is out and about this afternoon and won’t be back until late tonight. She is 72 years old and has more of a social life than I do, go figure! I am relaxing at her house because I took a day off from work (Friday) as a vacation to get my car diagnosed. I need a transmission. Major car surgery ya’ll. Anyways, I’m taking a quick break from cleaning her house which is going quick because I’m listening to my handy dandy little ipod. Mom can’t walk like she used to, so I’m doing a lot of things she can’t do herself. I’m also getting hungry. I’m all over the place with this paragraph.

National and International News: The Royal baby is due any day now, so excited! Oh, the heat! Other than that, there wasn’t much else that really caught my attention this week regarding news.

Song of the week: “Smooth” by Rob Thomas. Love how he refers his wife as a “Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa”. I’ve always wanted to be called a Mona Lisa of sorts. Just the name inspires artists, photographers, poets, writers etc. I believe Rob wrote this song for his wife; I’m sure she inspires him everyday.

23 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 7

  1. Nice Read..Afterall Learning is Mastering and Learning is a life time process and BTW I am sure you are better than Mona Lisa,maybe Mona Lisa of Present.. Have a Great time Mastering to fix your Car Problems.. πŸ™‚

    1. You know Harsha…you’ve got me thinking (as you always do)…I kinda like that. The Mona Lisa of Present. I don’t wish to look like her. I guess I was trying to say or use her as a metaphor of sorts. I’m totally clueless when it comes to cars. That is one area I have not mastered yet. πŸ˜‰

    1. I love collecting little wise nuggets everywhere I go. I think even strangers you meet briefly in life have something to say that one can use in the journey of life. πŸ™‚

      1. Children are attracted to me for some reason. I’ve had random children give me their artwork at libraries, parks or they just walk towards me to say hi. LOL. I love it since I love children. Smiles from babies are the cute!!

  2. Love the Reel Wisdom video. It had some great clips in it. I can think of a few more that belong. I’m glad you are able to get your car repaired, mine ended up being a write off for us. Ouch!
    I haven’t been a fan of Santana since I saw them in concert years ago and Carlos walked off the stage after uttering some profanity but I have to say I really enjoyed this music video with Rob Thomas.
    I’m pretty sure a lot of people find you more inspiring than the Mona Lisa, but you could certainly be the Brazilian Mona Lisa if you want to be.

    1. Ouch, you are right!! My car is getting ancient. So many life decisions I have to think about lately. Yeh. Not much of a Santana fan myself, but I do like this song. Aw. You are always so sweet my dear friend Michelle. I like to inspire people. People inspire me too. They just don’t realize it or know it until I present them with what I make or compose. πŸ˜‰

      1. I’m glad we think alike. πŸ˜‰ They will be putting in a used transmission. I’m less stressed now. Today has been a good day. Thanks for being part of it.

    1. My mom suggested a couple she knows and trusts who own their own shop. They were nice and helpful. Btw. I took TWD personality test and came out as Rick! Which one are you? πŸ™‚ Lol, aww. You called me Mona Lisa.

      1. I didn’t cheat. I only took the test once. I thought long and hard on each scenario. I felt a drop of sweat.

        “In another life I was strong, and my sense of right and wrong is still a core part of who I am. But the apocalypse has left me less sure of myself; guilt over past actions has forced mt to second-guess the decisions I make.”

        I’m T-Dog, dun Dun DUN.

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