A poem by my Australian friend. 🙂


Who would have imagined this?

The chemistry of the mind 

tangles a tumultuous  notion.

A spark of energy, a whim, drew 4 souls 

at different times in different places to conceive 2 beings.

And thus it begins. The chemistry….

emotion is but a chemical reaction, coupled with the beholders perceptions

bringing forth an urge, a decision, an action.

The cerebral pulsations are liken to “The Web”, a vast extension of all this Chemistry… THE ALCHEMIST!

The Alchemist has the ability to hook these 2 beings, at least within the whimsical eyes of him.

She is un-knowing in-yet knowing.

Fatima the Coffee girl splendid in her openness,

Splendid in her self, casts a spell.

Eyes which smolder and glow like volcanic embers, hinting at the belied FIRE within

The Fire that erupts upon contact.

“Too much!”  “Too much! Too much!” He hears her murmur. Well, maybe it is?

But the spell…

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