JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 6

Dear Journal,

It’s so nice to finally sit and write to you. This week has been weird. I’ve been quite busy with work, maybe a bit too much, hence my 180% quota for last week, haha. I didn’t do so well last month due to me feeling sick and not being able to see my clients. I’m already at 70% for this week and Monday hasn’t even started yet. Achieving over 100% should be a piece of cake. Obviously, I’m feeling much better. Who knew taking a generic form of Allegra would make such a difference? I’m hardly coughing anymore and I’m back to feeling myself once again. Writing down what I did for the past week is like writing down on an electronic time capsule that I can put on a tiny USB for the future. Will future generations even have USBs anymore? Perhaps having a USB will be like holding a fossil to them. Maybe in the future all people will have to do is think and everything they want written will be typed out for them without the use of fingers. I read somewhere that people who suffer from seasonal depression (due to the lack of sunlight) can have earplugs that shine light into the ears which then go to the brain. Studies showed these people became happier and showed less depression as a result. The earplugs were developed in Norway.


I know. That was random, but I think it was funny!

I took Adventure Boy to camp today. He was nervous seeing all these tall boys and almost changed his mind about going. This was Adventure Boy’s first time going with the Junior High age group; gone are those days of the younger age groups. They will be going to Ocean City and an amusement park later on this week. In the coming weeks I’m taking Adventure Boy kayaking, safari, going to Ben Franklin Institute to see the Spy things and of course to see some movies. We’ve been busy helping my mom out every weekend, we’ve hardly had time to really do anything fun this summer. I’m really trying my best to raise my son to be a total gentleman even at his age. I’m always getting compliments about how well behaved and polite he is. What can I say. Down in Brazil, Brazilian children are very, very polite to their parents and elders and I promised myself to raise him as such. He’s not perfect, but near perfect. My idea of the perfect gentleman is Tom Hiddleston. Have you seen how he acts in interviews? Good lord. He’s amazing. 97% of my guy friends are gentlemen, but there is one on my FB friends who keeps “liking” all his stripper friends and their pictures being spread eagle wearing almost nothing on the pool table. Lol. And he wonders why I don’t want to date him and just be friends. Rolls eyes.


This week I’ve been debating once again whether to buy a home or continue renting. The benefits of buying a house is that I can finally own my own place and invest in it. However, when I do move out of State, I can either rent it out and have extra income or just sell it. I found this one home that has 3 bedrooms with low property taxes. I also found a very cool and modern 2 bedroom condo with a loft (I love lofts), but no pets are allowed. I’ve dreamed of owning a Samoyed dog or two for 7 years now and if that means to pass on up on this condo for my future dog, then I will do it. My mom knows a realtor who is willing to help me if I decide to buy a home. So much to think about. My lease is up in December. Buying a home takes several months with paperwork, inspections and bank approval. Good thing I’m very analytical because I see all the many facets of what goes into buying a new home. Finding a realtor I trust is also important. I’ve come across some realtors who didn’t take their jobs seriously and just disappeared on me. Never again.

National and International News: Snowden wants asylum in Russia temporarily until he decides where to live. What’s funny is he wants to seek asylum in the countries where journalist or any other person who speaks out against the government are thrown in jail. How ironic. Zimmerman was found innocent. Napolitano is resigning. A Glee star was found dead in a hotel. I don’t know him because I’ve never watched the show Glee, but it is sad. Twinkies are back on the shelf, but I said that a few weeks ago.

12 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 6

      1. You are right, Java Girls journal. That job does have to be done by someone. Luckily for your son, it’s you and no one else that does the job. You should just stop making the rest of us fools look bad.

      2. Haha! You’re hilarious! Actually, several of my male friends here on WP are gentlemen. They are funny and crazy, but still maintain that gentlemen way about themselves. 😛

  1. I’m still laughing at the Justin B. joke. He has turned out to be such an embarrassment to Canadians. Do you know he was actually on one of our well known religious programs when he first came into the spotlight. His mother and him were interviewed at length and he was such a good boy! What the heck happened! I’m glad you are taking the initiative to keep adventure boy a gentleman. He will be OK with you on his side.

    1. Yeah, it also applies to J.T. (Justin Timberlake). I only like one of his songs. Fame and the wrong people can change people. It’s all about staying true to yourself at the end of the day. If a person stays true to themselves, they can be surrounded by all types of people, yet still remain strong enough to stay themselves. It doesn’t take much effort, but I suppose for some people they get carried away or peer pressure. Whatever. Well, Adventure Boy is getting more handsome by the day and sooner or later girls will be knocking on our door (I’ll be there like a CIA agent making sure they are good enough to even enter the house and doing background checks-haha). I want him to treat girls nice-he already treats me like a princess. (Aw).

    1. Since May of this year, Six Flags (in Jackson) Great Adventure has implemented big safari type jeeps that go “off the road”. You can even have close encounters (not of the third kind, albeit it would be funny) with giraffes. They used to allow you to drive through the safari, but they stopped that. I think it had to do with all the monkeys destroying people’s cars, lol. I’ve driven through and never had any problems. I heard they are still working on “transitioning” the monkeys for the public. I’m not sure how that will work-if they will climb up the jeeps and harass the riders. ?? I hope not. Monkeys are kinda creepy to me. Here is the link to the promo commercial for it on youtube.

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