JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 5

Dear Journal,

This week has brought a lot of drama worldwide. But I’ll leave that part for my international and national section. I’m feeling better, but just trying to adjust to the extreme heat has me always a little panicky due to my asthma. Not much happened this week as it was a pretty busy but quiet work week. Mom continues to do well, but sadly has come to realize more of her reality as being immobile and relying heavily on others to help her out. My mom has always been extremely independent all her life, so this change has been hard on her. This has been sad for me too as our outings are now limited due to how she feels that day; my mom and I would go to many activities outside and go to festivals locally. There are ways to substitute those things and make new memories with what we have or our new limitations. All I’m happy about right now is that she is here with me. Right now. I can call her whenever I want. I can hear her voice. Sometime in the future I won’t be able to do that and I’ll feel so lonely. The other day I was laughing at a stupid commercial where a couple are in a car and the wife says to the husband that not all owls are “wise”. The screen then moves to an owl couple in the tree and the husband owl keeps saying “who?” to the wife owl and she just rolls her eyes in disgust. Anyways, so mom said she loves my laugh and wished she laughed more. Compliments from my mom are few, not because she doesn’t love me, but she’s never been one who easily compliments people…albeit she does tell her friends how proud she is of me and what not. So, when she said that, it took me by surprise a little bit. Hey, I’ll take any compliment from her. 4th of July was spent inside mom’s house with some delicious pork ribs, mashed potatoes and beans. It was a feast! I was supposed to see the fireworks tonight, but the heat was too much so I stayed home.

International and national news: Snowden continues to be in Russia and has been offered asylum by a few Latin American countries. Bolivia’s President wants to even end the diplomatic relations with the US and kick the American Embassy out of there. There was a plane crash of a Boeing 777 in California. I’m glad most of the passengers escaped harms way, although I am hearing there was 1-3 deaths? How scary that must have been. Despicable Me 2 is doing well in the movies for reasons I don’t know of. Even Adventure Boy didn’t want to go see it. We are both patiently waiting for Thor: The Dark World to come this Fall, but until then the movies are slim pickings these days. Eventually I’ll get around to doing a movie review for World War Z and War Horse.

Song of the week: Simple Minds “Alive and Kicking”. For me, this song represents my love for life. I’ve come face to face with death twice so I certainly never take each day for granted. How wonderful it would be to wake up every morning and hear this song. One just gets a real good feeling just by listening to this great piece of music.

Video credit: Emimusic

16 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 5

  1. Unfortunately, the song won’t play. It says it has not been made available in my country. I will have to google it and find a version that will play. I’m glad you, your Mom and Adventure boy are all safe and well this week. Stay alive and kicking 😉

    1. I wasn’t expecting to see two owls come on into the screen, that’s what made it so funny to me. So unexpected and the way the wife owl just rolls her eyes at him.

  2. I did something out of the ordinary for the 4th. I left to go somewhere else. Normally all the firework holidays we just stay in(the 4th and New Year’s) not because we don’t feel like it is dangerous, but because we are too lazy. Maybe next year it being a Friday we will go on an excursion somewhere. Cause we are crazy like that.

  3. too cute about the owls…. 🙂 oh and don’t bother with a review of WWZ…it sucked! I was terribly disappointed in Brad, not only did he not have any decent lines, he didn’t take his shirt off the whole time!!! lol total waste. anyway, I have a few tips about controling your asthma that I’ve discovered in my life, that I would love to pass on to you, but I would send it in an email, because it’s a novel or so…but if you’re interested…send me an email to…. have a great day and thanks for stoppin in… 🙂

    1. Oh thanks! Feel free to post it on here so that others who have asthma can benefit from your information too. 😀 Your are welcome for stopping by. 🙂 Oh yeah. Those owls. They are pretty funny!

      1. if you’re sure…just delete this if not….but here’s what I discovered. if you have asthma, you may know all this, so bear with me….this is NOT for the asthma attacks people get when excersizing or a lot of exhurtion….this is when asthma is an allergic reaction to something irritating the lungs. IN BOTH types of reactions, our lower section of lungs and the diaphram are not exhaling. SO oxygen turns to carbon monoxide inside our lungs and can poison us…but IF you understand this, there is a simple diaphram cough you can do, repeatedly as necessary, that will force that CM out, and in effect stopping the asthma attack. All you need to do, is the MINUTE you feel that familiar tightening in the chest, and shortness of breath, exhale forcefully from your diaphram, (not a normal cough) until you can inhale fully again. Just pretend someone just punched you in the stomach, and cough from deep down. Inhale as deeply as you can, and repeat, and in just a few breaths, it’s stopped. Its quick, it’s easy, and very cheap!!! lol You may sound like a donkey, but that’s one less time you will have to use a CHEMICAL inhaler, putting MORE chemicals into your lungs, that doesn’t need to be there either….that in ten years more time of studies, they will tell us is causing cancer or something horrible.!!! good luck…and I actually do use it when excersizing, but you have to hit it the minute it starts, or it’s too late, your body has already began reacting…so I don’t recommend it for that… 🙂 anyway hope this helps you all reduce your meds and breathe freer each day!

      2. Thank you so much. You’ve clearly made my day in so many ways. Thank you. I’m not a huge fan of putting foreign chemicals into my body. I know when I am short of breath, it’s because my airways are so tight making me wheeze a lot. It’s scary because I start feeling light headed and weak. I’m now taking a generic version of Allegra and it seems to be cutting down 90% of my coughing and wheezing. I hardly have to use my nebulizer anymore, which is great. I use to take Advair, but that was making my heart beat out of control in random days and giving me high blood pressure, so I stopped taking it. My body reacts differently to medicines, so it’s a trial and error in finding out what works for me. My asthma is really bad this summer, it has me a little down. Oh well. Hopefully, it will clear up and things will get better. Thanks for your encouraging words. 🙂

      3. advair gave me rhumatoid arthritis almost over night…I quit with the daily inhalers…so many worse side effects. instead i take Zyrtec daily for my allergies, and only use albuteral if I need it. Plus the above… it’s amazing how it really works…and I hate to say it, but I almost feel like its helping in the long run too, my lungs feel stronger, sortof…hehehe….I have very few attacks anymore at all…. 🙂 good luck!!! 🙂

      4. That’s fantastic! I’m really happy for you. It’s a great day when we asthmatics can have a normal day of breathing. I had such a day today after several weeks.

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