JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 4

Dear Journal,

There was a murder this week. A body was found in the woods less than a five minutes walk from my home. On my way home from getting my car fixed with the new belt (remember how last week my steering wheel was stiff?), I wanted to stop by my home, but I couldn’t due to the entrance being blocked by 20 plus police cars. The street leading to my street also leads to a highway, so other cars couldn’t get pass through there either. The entire streets were filled with police cars and special vans. An hour later, I saw on my twitter feed from my local news a “developing” story. That’s when I heard. A woman jogger had been reported missing for 4 days because she never showed up for a family gathering up in North Jersey. She lived pretty close to where I live and I think I’m pretty sure I had seen her jog around the neighborhood a few times. There is a $1,000 award for anyone who knows any information about what happened to her. This is pretty sad as she was an older woman who appeared so vibrant, full of life and seemed to have a lot of friends. People have asked me if I knew her, but I have to say I never did. I feel terrible for her family and friends. I’m not sure whether to be scared or not. Was this intentional? Did they break into her house? Was she alone jogging at our nearby jogging park? Was this an accident? Was it a hit and run? If not, will they come back for another unsuspecting victim? Will this go into one of those “Unsolved Mysteries” vault? I hope not. I hope there is a break in the case. I hope that whoever did this will be caught and pay for it. The truth always comes out. Until then, all the neighbors are on full alert and we do have several “crime fighters” who observe from their homes at the street activities. Several police officers live around here too in my complex. During the next few days after this happened, you could see people quietly talking to each other; huddled together in groups probably asking how this could have happened.

Wednesday I spent a few hours at the ER for my asthma. My nebulizer was concerning me due to the fact that it was not helping with my airway and I was feeling out of breath just walking. I was given a 7 day course of antibiotics and xythromax. I feel a lot better and I’m not using my nebulizer anymore. I would say I feel 80 percent better. Not quite 100 yet, but enough for to feel like myself once again. I feel happiest when I can actually breathe! I took the rest of the week off to rest and relax. I’m glad I did because I was still feeling tired by Friday. The medicines have made eating food quite interesting because the food doesn’t taste the same.

Mom got her ramp and she couldn’t be happier. She is slowly improving with physical and occupational therapy. Hopefully, she can have a nurse who can come by on a daily basis to help her with her needs. I like her positive attitude and lifted spirits as a result.

I can’t believe today is the last day of June. Time flies since the beginning of this year and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store.

International and National News: There was a decision made this week from the Supreme Court regarding same sex marriage. That “Monster University” movie still is doing well in the box office, don’t ask me why. Paula Dean has been dropped by several stores due to her use of a slur 20 years ago. Egyptians flood the streets to protest Morsi. Snowden never made it to Ecuador because the President there says he can’t leave Russia without an American Passport. It’s like all these countries are playing hot potato with Snowden in who will keep him in their country. There has been a crazy heat wave in the Western part of the USA. Here in New Jersey, it has been raining so much we have had several floodings around the area.

Song of the week: SING IT GIRL!!! It’s a Fourth of July week, so I thought it was appropriate to include this song sung by this sweet little girl with amazing vocal cords. Good lord. Gives me goose bumps.

Video credit: Rhema Marvanne

12 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 4

  1. Wow! That little girl certainly doesn’t need any help breathing.
    I’m glad you are getting back to healthy breathing again.
    How scary to have that happen so close to you. It sounds like there are way more questions than answers about this right now. It really is a crazy world out there. Stay safe my friend.

    1. Aww, isn’t she a cutie pie? I love children and especially when they sing! Adventure boy is always singing and I love it!! Yes, breathing is good. 🙂 You never know who is watching you. That’s what is scary. My neighbors are always watching from their windows at everyone, so we know each other’s routine pretty much. I will stay safe. Thank you. 🙂

    1. I thought the way she sang it was so nice. My favorite part is when she sings all soft and says her “r’s” with a Boston accent. It sounds very childlike and just brings it full circle to remind you that this is truly a very young child with a powerful voice. I know. Poor Paula Dean. I can’t imagine what she is going through right now with the public eye. Unfortunately, we live in a very, very double standard society. I will be careful on my street. Lucky for me (I hope), my street is basically for residents and their cars. The public cars don’t pass through my street at all. It’s fairly quiet except for that very loud and annoying ice cream truck that disturbs us at 9pm at night. LOL

    1. Thank you! Keep doing the great job of composing poetry my friend. You sure have a way with words. Thank you again for your friendship and stopping by my blog. 🙂

  2. Did you get to the beach, then? The sea air should be better for you, unlike the toxic cocktail of metro air.

    Tis sad- this state of affairs in our nation- when people are murdered and life is treated by callous characters like a disposing of a Take Out container. Truly senseless. Be safe and be blessed- my prayers are always with you.

    1. No, never got around to going to the beach. Would have been nice though. I hope to go to the beach in the coming weeks to just breathe in the salt air. I do love the beach so much. I’ve always been a beach girl. 🙂 Thank you. I will be safe. I’m already looking at a new place to live since my lease is up in 6 months.

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