I’m the main character. You’re the reader. How do we meet?

I saw this quote and haven’t stopped thinking about it. I want to go out on a limb right now and ask my super smart blogger subscribers (or visitors) how in the world this could be possibly written. If this was written for a movie, how would a character of a book be able to fall in love with a reader? I’d love to know. I think it’s a cute idea, quite frankly.

As blog writers, we hope our readers get to know us by what we write and how we express ourselves. There are people out there who read each entry and may think they have more and more in common with the writer. Each blog post is waited upon with anticipation to see what happens in the blogger’s life. Can a reader fall in love with a writer just by reading their posts? But the proposed idea above is the other way around with the main character of a book falling in love with the reader. Is there a movie like that? If so, please let me know.

48 thoughts on “I’m the main character. You’re the reader. How do we meet?

  1. Close. There is that one with Will Ferrell where he is a character in that ladies book and they end up meeting in real life and he can hear her thoughts etc. Stranger than Fiction. By the way, I think your blog is trying to hit on my blog. Can you tell it to stop being so inappropriate?

      1. The title of your post that you are the main character(your blog) and I am the reader(my blog). How do they meet? And then you said the reader should slowly fall in love with the main character. It’s very convoluted, but your blog should stop hitting on mine and the rest of the blogiverse.

      2. Haha, you literally took my blog title as me portraying myself? LOL. No, it was just a GENERAL title. Doesn’t mean it is referring to moi. πŸ˜‰ I’ll stop “hitting” on your blog and continue with the rest of the blogosphere! LOL πŸ˜›

      3. I kid of course. It was a good general title and definitely an enchanting idea that would make a GREAT movie if someone was ever smart enough to pay you to write it.

      4. Ooooh. I love the sound of that. Except, it would not be a book…it would be a movie character and the movie goer. I’m thinking a touch of Notting hill. πŸ˜€

  2. What an interesting concept. There must be a philosophical question there somewhere, because it is making my head spin like most philosophical questions. It’s a conundrum.

    1. I love it! That makes both of us. My head has been spinning ever since I saw this on Pinterest! I guess it would have to be part fantasy or sci-fy to make it possible. Usually, it’s the other way around, ya know? πŸ™‚

      1. I totally know. It would have to be told in the first person, right? Because otherwise the main character couldn’t have a relationship with the reader.

      2. From what I gather, yes. It would. If it was up to me, I’d have the main character from a movie slowly fall in love with the movie reviewer, haha! In each movie, he has to somehow tell her through his dialogue how he feels about her and then the movie reviewer girl eventually “gets it” and responds via her movie reviews about him. Somehow they find away to meet up. A girl can dream, yes? That would be my story for a chick flick idea. πŸ˜€

  3. interesting, but here’s a reality check: how can you fall in love with readers if you haven’t gotten to know their thoughts? πŸ™‚

    greetings from indonesia.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. How is it possible a main character of a book fall in love with the reader? Does she/he jump out of the book? Does the reader somehow jump into the book? It has got me thinking. I’m sure there is a movie such as this. Thank you. Greetings from the USA. πŸ™‚

    1. Alter dimension at its best I suppose! πŸ˜€ So. I’ve heard! You’re the second person to mention that. One more person to mention it and I’m going to see it!! I found a book written by a mother and her teen daughter called “Between the Lines” and it is about a prince who is a main character of a book and is bored with life. He wants to know if there is more to life outside of his story. Somehow the girl, the reader, and him meet up outside the book.

  4. The book would be cleverly written to leave many unanswered problems/issues/mysteries. The reader who becomes hooked and hankers for a deeper understanding would strive to seek the author to find the answers. This could be an intrinsically orchestrated plea from author. i.e the authors subconscious posing these questions as part of their own search/plight. The reader hooked on the intrigue eventually contacts the author to seek answers. Bit by bit the relationship builds as the author realises the reader has the answers sought. I am not sure what the twist would be but there must be one, a dark and dramatic one which rends the heart of the other readers/spectators.

    1. Wow. Your way of thinking intrigues me. Now I’m truly curious. How would the character finally meet the reader? Which world would they want to live in? Would the character think our world was better than his? Or the reader want to live in a storybook? Either way, they’d both have to make a choice or end the budding relationship. What if the book was published in 2013? If the reader decided to stay in the main character’s world to be with him, then would that be another dimension or reality even though the world in the book is fictional? Perhaps the location is real, but is it still truly 2013?

      1. The twist could be quite futuristic. Say, humans wreck themselves on this planet and ants inherit the earth. After time they evolve intelligence through mass and it this this mass which writes the book, the character
        exists through electric energy and develops consciousness. The reader could be an alien who tunes into the story through space. This could be paralleled by the fact that this whole scenario is taking place in the mind of a comatose patient. Who is developing a very subtle but real relationship for his/her carer. The patient trapped in this ethereal world imagines the whole story and is desperately in love with the carer but cannot escape the malaise to make him/herself known.

    1. Yes, that would be pretty cool to see. Especially a “viewer” instead of a reader. I could totally see that. I always think it’s funny when a character will look directly at the camera during the film (on purpose). Usually, it’s one of those parody or satire silly movies.

      1. The guy’s a writer and he was writing about this perfect girl. And then, he just conjured her and she just appeared out of nowhere. πŸ™‚ I kinda liked it. I didn’t get the explanation on why the girl appeared though. I thought he was sick, but I was wrong.

  5. There was an episode in The Twilight Zone with this author’s writing becoming reality. He knew this, and his dream girl was conjured up. Things turned out to be a mess as time progressed so he tried erasing her from his writing, but it didn’t quite work because he was actually the main character thought up by the girl! Elizabeth Berkley erased him, LOL.

      1. Scratch Berkley, it was actually Shannon Elizabeth, although Berkley was in an episode. Anyway, it’s called “Dream Lover,” and there are 3 parts.

        I saw the tongue girl on TWD’s Facebook just recently. Very disturbing. I read the producers are going to include “special” type of walkers in season 4. I actually love the risky idea–picture a group of walkers who are intelligent or more dangerous like they can run or explode within a certain distance infecting those who would approach them. Heck, vote me for The Walking Dead’s executive producer!

      2. I use my family’s business FB. I don’t have my own profile. Just saw the S4 poster on Yahoo… looks cool, and yes, new walker I think she is. Poor girl, make-up process must take hours! I was surprised to see Andrea was in the movie Silent Hill, the first one, she had a supporting role… she was actually NOT the Andrea you see in TWD.

      3. I wonder if tongue girl gets hot under all that make up, lol!! Wonder how evil she will be or why she’s being introduced. Do you think it’s a former character or a main character from the group that turns into tongue girl? I’m driving myself crazy thinking up way too many questions. I have TWD ringtone on my cell and it’s hard not to let it play all the way through when people call. I’ll be driving at night or alone at home and TWD ringtone suddenly plays and you almost expect a zombie to come out of nowhere. Ugh! A few more months and the new season will be upon us, yes!!!

      4. No clue about her backstory. Remember the infamous bicycle girl in S1,E1? She has a backstory I think… there is actually a TWD prologue mini-episodes in YouTube. You may want to check them out, I haven’t yet. There’s a new Stephen King show out–Under the Dome–which premiered two weeks ago on CBS… have you seen it? I kind of like it.

      5. Yeah, I remember bicycle girl. She was gross. Not sure why they had her, maybe for shock value, but other than that, no other zombie was crawling around the grounds like her. I saw a clip of how the directors found the actress to portray her and the many hours it took to make her look like her. LOL! Right now they are having a TWD marathon. It’s kinda funny seeing all the former characters. Merle was crazy, but I liked him as the villian. Such a shame he got killed off in Season 3. You could see he almost changed for the better. Hope they kill off the Governor. He’s so evil, he’s not likeable like Merle. Even the zombies evolved in the past 3 seasons. I’ll have to check out the Stephen King show.

  6. Imagine a book written in first, second, and third person…not entirely unique in history…but start it in a first person narrative. The greatest “aside writers,” people like David Nobbs (The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin) and William Shakespeare, inserted the second person in at thought provoking times. Thus, the more the character “thinks out loud,” the more he or she begins to slip from first person to second. Bookend with an omnipresent main narrator, front and back, and you have a work that will be interesting. Your target audience would have to be ecclectic and you may not win a Nobel Prize, but it would be fun, wouldn’t it?

    1. My readers are very intelligent as you can clearly see by their comments. They are creative, funny, curious and the best in the world! GREAT MINDS DISCUSS IDEAS-that’s genius level in my opinion. Yes, it would be fun to have a book character sweep me off my feet. But I’d prefer a certain actor……

  7. I love that your blogger thought ur blog was hitting on his blog…hahaha this is a great idea, falling in love with the reader, I think I’ll give it a whirl…did you do it?? IF SO, what’s the title?? would love to read it….
    .its such a crazy concept!!! thanks for the MUSE…If I post one I’ll reference your blog!! as long as you don’t hit on my blog, mines hetero! lololol

    1. Oh haha. That’s just my buddy Bitter Ben. He and I always duke it out on our blogs because…well…we’re just playful friends. Feel free to reference my blog. It is a crazy concept, the whole idea of a book character falling in love with the reader. Would love to see your thoughts about that on your blog.

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