JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 2 (2013)

Dear Journal,

This past week has been extremely fun, yet distracting for me. Monday I felt lightheaded with conjestion and had to take the rest of the afternoon off from work. I later had to make an appointment with a doctor to see if I had bronchitis or pneumonia. Lucky for me, it was neither and my coughing was only due to my allergies. Once I get my allergies under control, my coughing should subside. Tuesday, I took the day off from work because it was my birthday. My mom gave me a little surprise party with some old friends of ours. It was great to look around the table and just be in the midst of people I know who care about me and who have seen me grow up since I was 5 years old. Of course, much to my mom’s delight, she made sure the servers came around with a little cake and candle. Once I was served my delicious dessert, they all broke out in song and serenaded me. The last time this happened, we were on a Royal Caribbean ship and the entire restaurant sang along. My mom really thinks this tradition is hilarious, but if it makes her happy, then I’m happy (and embarrassed). It was a perfect day and everything went well.


One of things I learned this week is how truly profound a parents actions can affect a child even as they grow up and become adults. Children are so impressionable at such an early age, every little thing you do as a parent they hang on to or they remember it for life. I’m remembering the first time I met my biological father, he turned his head away and refused to shake my hand. This was significant to me because I was 12 years old. Two simple acts from him and it affected me from then on up to the end of my 20’s. All I wanted and longed for was his love and acceptance. I didn’t know what I did to deserve his cruel actions except maybe to think I reminded him of my mom who he truly loved. It was hard growing up without a father figure and understanding the male way of thinking. I had to learn through trial and error in regard to dating. But it always went back to my father. The way I was treated. The love, care and respect a father gives to his daughter is what makes a girl know how she should be treated as she gets older. Anyways, years ago, my adoptive mom met my biological father again and they chatted for a bit and he told her to tell me that he loves me and is very proud of who I’ve become. That’s all I needed to hear and it made all the difference in the world. It was a beautiful ending to all my confusion and sadness as a result of feeling rejected and unloved by my father. A new day of finally feeling accepted by the one man who was part of me, my flesh and blood. My mom told him how I finished school, never got into drugs, alcohol, smoking or anything crazy. Children remember vividly the smallest details and fleeting moments a father gives them. For a parent, what may seem like an ordinary gesture or conversation to their child is actually a monumental moment in time for a child, especially to a daughter from her father. These past years have been serene and I feel good in regards to my biological father. I am at peace and happy in my heart.

National News: Remember that 10 year old girl who was waiting for a lung transplant last week? Well, she got her lungs and had a successful surgery this past week. Colorado had to deal with a huge forest fire and Man of Steele is doing pretty well in theaters across the nation. Hopefully, I can check it out next week.

Happy Father’s Day to the coolest, kindest, sweetest most awesome blogger dads out there who I am lucky to call my friends here on WordPress. This is your day and you all deserve “THE BEST DAD AWARD” badge! Enjoy your day!

19 thoughts on “JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 2 (2013)

    1. Aww, sorry to hear that. Maybe writing him a letter and explaining how you feel might take a lot of things off your chest. If you can forgive yourself, then it’s easier to let go of the regret. Thanks for saying I am wise beyond my years. I think I still have a lot to learn about life and things. I love to get advice about everything from people older than me as they have learned from their mistakes. Btw. I’m still in awe by my “discovery” a few weeks ago. You know what I’m talking about. It puts a huge smile on my face and I can’t wait to see how this will effect the rest of my life!! Thanks for being part of that. 🙂


    1. Thanks. You can thank my mom and her strict rules, hehe. No, she’s a good mom and growing up with amazing friends and “aunts” and “uncles” who were there to support me through life wasn’t too shabby either. Then I came to the States and got all corrupted, haha. Just kidding. 😛


      1. The States have a way of corrupting me, uh people. It was only when I moved here that I started taking pictures with my Olympus Pro Go Phone Camera, thingy. Once I got started I couldn’t stop taking pictures and I formed a picture habit.


            1. Pfff! Well I don’t want help for my “addiction” of taking photographs. LOL. It’s a little hard to stop if nature and people are my muses, you know? It’s all around me. I’m constantly inspired by things. Sorry, it’s just something you’ll have to live with since we are blog buddies. :p


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