Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


I love men who wear bright orange pants and sombreros! Lol. Ok. Not really. When we had a road trip down to Florida two years ago, I met this guy above. He was waiting for me holding up this huge sign to let me know where I was in the hemisphere, just in case, you know, I got lost or something. I think we were in South Carolina somewhere. All I know is that for the next 10 miles before seeing this 9 story tall man, you could see mile after mile of signs teasing you about “South of the Border” stop. We got out and walked around the place. There was this firecracker store and I thought how brave those people were to work inside one of those stores, lest something happened that would set off the entire store. Yikes. So, this is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge…Mr.Sombrero and his huge hat holding up a sign telling me where I’m at.

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