Thor (2011) Movie Review


Cast: Chris Hemsworth plays the arrogant, courageous god of thunder, Thor. Thor is slated to rule the realm of Asgard, but is cast to earth to learn a lesson or two in humility by his wise father, Odin. The talented Anthony Hopkins plays Thor’s father, Odin the current ruler of Asgard. Once on earth, Thor meets and falls in love with Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman. Tom Hiddleston plays Thor’s younger brother, Loki. Loki begins the story as a very soft spoken, calm and practical brother, but ends up becoming his brother’s arch nemesis as the film progresses. Jaimie Alexander plays Lady Sif, a femme fatal warrior from Asgard who is close to Thor and part of the Warriors Three members. Idris Elba plays Heimdall (Sif’s brother), Asgard’s golden clothed gatekeep who stands keep at the edge of rainbow bridge or the BiFrost. Heimdall is a very deep, complicated yet stoic character in the movie that was fun to watch develop as the story unfolded. Ray Stevenson plays Volstagg, a champion in Asgard who is one of the members of the Warriors Three who fight along with Thor. Volstagg is the red bearded, always eating and boisterous one of the group. Tadan Asano plays Hogun, the black pony tailed Asian warrior of the group and the most sensible. Josh Dallas plays the blond Fandral, the optimistic and skilled swordsmanship that is part of the Warriors Three as well.

Basic movie facts: I had to do a bit of research upon these characters so I could understand their specific roles in accordance with Thor and Loki. There is so much detail about Thor and the history of Asgard, you can find it all here: Tom Hiddleston originally gained 20 pounds to audition for the role of Thor, but the producers already knew and wanted him to play the role of Loki. If you sense a touch of Shakespeare in the dialogue, you can thank the director Kenneth Branagh for that. One can notice the similarities between Henry V and Thor. Kenneth is an actor and director who is very familiar with Shakespearean plays, so it was only natural for Kenneth to implement a Shakespearean twist to the film. Chris Hemsworth was already very familiar with using a hammer due to working as a builder in a previous job.

Pros: Loki. Need I say more? Did I mention Loki? Ok. Just making sure. My favorite villain ever and physically, my type and kind of guy. Must be the dark hair and accent. Wow. Ok. Where was I? I was terribly distracted. I never got a chance to see this movie in 3D, so I missed out. As a child, I might have flipped through a few Thor comics, but I’m not sure. Seeing the two brothers go from one extreme in personalities was fun to watch and gives a good background of why they act the way they do as the film progresses.

Cons: I didn’t find this movie as funny as others did. I thought some lines were aimed for a juvenile audience. Thor being hit three times was not funny to me. I’m happy to know there are new writers for the next installment of Thor. I hope the jokes are bit funnier. Otherwise, the lines of everyone else were good and interesting. During one scene, I thought I was watching a scene from “Avatar” when Jake was in his hospital gown and thrashing around in his room. I half expected Thor to turn blue, grow a long tail, have his eyes turn yellow and run outside to play ball with the other Avatars.

Cinematography: Director of Photography for this film was Haris Zambarloukos who has also filmed “Mama Mia!” and “The Other Man” to name a few. One of the main reasons I watched this movie was because the cinematographer of the new movie “Thor: The Dark World” is following me on twitter and that was after I raved about his filming technique of the movie “Fracture” (starring Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins). I was curious to see the camera differences so I could compare with the new Thorn movie coming out later this year. Haris has a gentle way of panning out of a scene slowly, but then quickly cutting to a close up. The camera movements were fluid with a twist of nontraditional horizontal angles in some shots. When I photograph pictures, I tend to be a bit off regarding horizontal lines, so I appreciated seeing that in this film.

Music score: Patrick Doyle produces the score for the film and has worked before with director Kenneth Branagh. Patrick’s score is perfect for this type of film as his music comes across as elegant, strong, epic and emotional. I was stunned by his entire score throughout the movie. Two thumbs up for his music score!

Favorite quote:
Odin: I have sacrificed much to achieve peace. So too must a new generation sacrifice to maintain that peace. Responsibility! Duty! Honour! These are not mere virtues to which we must aspire! They are essential to every soldier, to every king!

Agent Cale:[staring at The Destroyer] Is that one of Stark’s? Lol at the Iron man reference!

Thor:[walking into a pet shop] I need a horse! (See what I mean about the jokes?)

Loki: Is it madness? Is it? IS IT? I don’t know what happened on Earth to make you so soft! Don’t tell me it was that woman?… Oh, it was. Well, when we’re done here, maybe I’ll pay her a visit myself! (And most of the women on planet earth say, yes please!)

Audience reaction: We both liked this movie a lot!

Relatability: The only relatability I had with any of the characters was Loki who was also adopted. I always knew I was adopted due to me looking completely different from my adoptive mother. I suppose it’s harder when you are somewhat similar in physical attributes and then get told you are not of blood relations. I think Loki got the bad end of the deal which only drove him to become evil. I feel sorry for him, actually. Such is life in hero and villain land. If you haven’t seen this movie, check it out. The entire cast does an excellent job and I’m glad they went with Chris to play Thor. We had a great time watching this movie! It’s mom and kid approved! Two thumbs up!

Here is the latest trailer for “Thor: The Dark World” due out later this year! I’m so excited!

Video credit: CBM Trailers

11 thoughts on “Thor (2011) Movie Review

    1. Hi Philip! 😉 You should def watch “Thor” before the second one comes out. Glad you liked my review. I know I was talking about my man, Tom Hiddleston, for the majority of it, but hey. Do you mean Thor’s power to rule the world? I would like to battle it out with you in the universe. I would win, of course. 😛


    1. Hi Dan! Yeah, it was fun and a movie I don’t mind watching over and over again. 🙂 I’m headed now to comment on your Lady of the Water review. I saw that a while ago. 🙂


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