Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background


We were suppose to go to a Kite Festival down at the beach today, but it got too late to go so I ended up digging through some old photos from earlier this year that I thought applied to this photo challenge.

Earlier this year, I took my mom out for a special English tea at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware. This hotel is seriously one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been in. Just walking inside makes one feel very special. The staff is top notch and treat you like royalty. Our entire experience having our afternoon English tea was spectacular and my mom was treated like a queen for her birthday. You can go here to see the website of the hotel.


As you walk back to the entrance of the hotel, above you is this gorgeous ceiling just looming beyond the chandelier. At first I was captivated by the chandelier, but then my eyes were focused more on the intricate details of the golden and blue tones of the design in the background. It’s hard not to miss the ceiling, but it does add a touch of awe as you enter and leave the hotel.

I hope to return someday in a few weeks.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background

    1. Thanks Ben!! It may take you a few days to get there, but it’s well worth the drive! I had taken many more pictures while there. I actually wrote a draft of the “Tea House” experience, but have not published it yet. I have more pictures of the teas, desserts and this HUGE cake that stood about 12 feet tall, haha! It was gorgeous!!!

      1. My brother is moving to DC in August. We’ve been wanting an excuse to make it out there so maybe when we are in DC we find it and pig out on 12 feet tall cake.

      2. Haha! The cake was in celebration of Hotel du Pont’s 100th anniversary, I think. I’m not sure if it’s edible, but perhaps it is? I’ll post the cake on my twitter page soon for you to see how BIG it was/is. DC has some pretty cool places to dine at. I hope you all have fun down there! I know I always do when I go there!

    1. Yes, it was my birthday gift to her. We were waited on hand and foot basically. The entire room felt like we were having tea at a castle and you know how I love castles and all things princess (hehe). I had fun too!

  1. That is quite a ceiling. And if the rest of the place is in similar conditions it must indeed be a very special place. Good for your mother to be treated like I queen, I would guess.

    1. The hotel is so pretty Munchow! I was mesmerized by it all. You are given a “code” of numbers to punch in to get into the bathroom; this is to keep outsiders from just walking in and using the bathrooms. I felt like a secret spy when doing this, hehe. Yes, my mom felt great and it was my treat for her birthday since she loves tea houses!

  2. Muito Lindo ! fui lá no Site ver mais fotos tudo lá é bonito ,até as comidas dão agua na boca de ver ! voçe tirou á foto do Salão de Ouro é Lindo ! Sua mãe deve ter ficado muito feliz com seu presente !

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