I appreciate your work. This one is for you. :)

I went to a Brazilian restaurant a few months ago and there on the wall was the most amazing mosaic piece of work I ever saw. I kept staring at it because I kept thinking of the time consuming work the artist put into it. It took my breath away. It inspired me to think about making my own mosaic work of art. I think making art is therapeutic and relaxing at the same time when one is challenged with the stresses of life. I would do it more for the pure joy of being meticulous with all the pieces and seeing it all come together at the end. Besides, who doesn’t like playing with puzzle pieces. I guess it’s like a metaphor for everyone’s life. You gather a piece here and there and at the end, it’s part of a very beautiful and intricate piece of your life. I would like to make one for my living room to hang above my couch and another one to just give away to anyone who wants it.

With that said, I also admire artists who make art and music not only to live off of, but because it gives them joy. I just want to remind you that your work is appreciated and all those hard and long nights of laboring away at your craft while the rest of the world sleeps….does make a difference. Keep up the great job!


**I’ll be back with a Prince Bride Movie Review, woohoo!

10 thoughts on “I appreciate your work. This one is for you. :)

  1. I have no artistic talent in drawing or painting or sculpting. My canvas is similar though. When I start a post, it is an empty canvas, but when I start creating, and typing and manipulating words, my piece of art is born. The bitter post can be seen from all directions just like a piece of art. Some may find it stupid, or disgusting or playful or sweet. Some may even find it funny, but the long hard hours of writing is my art and I love to do it whether people read it or not. Same goes for your art! Love it!

    1. Yeah, when I wrote the top piece, I was thinking of all kinds of artists, so you can count yourself in Bitter Ben! 😀 I find your work quite funny and I always end up looking like a crazed maniac if I even take a quick peek at your blogs whilst sitting in my car. Keep doing your thing Ben!

  2. Nice post and very true. Since independent artists make very little money I had to choose a life of graphic design. I always wonder what would have happened if I stuck to painting after art school.

    1. Chris! I didn’t know you were an artist! Do you have any work to show? Graphic designers are extremely talented people! Your blog page is so unique, professional and simply amazing. You have that “eye” when it comes to making your WP page look the way it does. There are always those “what if’s….” in life. I often wonder where I’d be if I had stuck to piano.

      1. Yes I’ve been a designer for 20 years now. I don’t have an online portfolio no. All my stuff is scattered around in my attic. 🙂

        Piano is cool, you can still do that!

  3. Puzzles play a big part in my family. I love piecing them together. There is usually one set up on a table somewhere whenever there is a need. Waiting for good news or bad it can keep you occupied while keeping you together. When someone new joins the family working on a puzzle is the best way to get to know someone. When I was sick I put a lot of puzzles together each one more challenging than the next. People could come and visit and spend time with me on a puzzle and we didn’t have to talk about cancer or chemo we could just puzzle. Almost every member of my family has a framed puzzle in their house. They always make for something to talk about.

    1. That was a lovely blog post Michelle! My mom loves puzzles, she could do them all year if she could. I’m not much of a puzzle person, but for some reason, making a mosaic doesn’t bother me. I guess the difference is that with a mosaic, I’m creating the picture with tiny pieces of porcelain and with a puzzle, the picture is already done, but I just have to piece them together. With a mosaic, I would be creating it as I go along. But I understand what you mean. Spending hours over pieces and talking about life or even just enjoying the silence is very memorable. I think that’s a great tradition that everyone in your family has a framed puzzle piece. Have you tried the 3D puzzles? Btw. I would do a puzzle with you. 😀 I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about. 😛

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