20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

    1. Hahahaha! Nope. It was only a prop. I never even licked it! 😛 I prefer good ol’ jellybeans. Especially the orange and red ones. Screw the black ones, they are gross! 😀 No, Ryan has not called me yet. He’s too busy directing “How to catch a Monster” up in Michigan. What do you think it would take for him to look at my blogs? Lol. Just kidding. 😉

      1. A lollipop that can’t be tasted sounds bitter to me. I only eat the black jellybeans if I am needing an extra boost of bitterness. Gross! I see that you have you Goslingdar set on extra high stalk mode. Make sure he never gets out of your sight!

      2. Yes, to share with fellow movies fan…uh huh. It seems like you know his location a little better than just about every other “movie star” and “movie projects” out there. Well if you ever need any help with “stalking” I know a guy that could teach you how to be a pro.

      3. YES, uh-huh! Haha, you crack me up Ben! If you call me a stalker, then you’ll have to call some of my movie bloggers stalkers too because they are huge Gosling fans! 🙂 We love his work! 😉 LOL. I don’t want to be a pro! 😛

      4. You sure you don’t want to take the class Hiding in the Bushes 101? Okay. Was just checking. What did you think of Iron Man 3? I just saw it. Or are you going to do a post about it?

    1. I actually break out in song of this one: Animal crackers in my soup, monkeys and lions loop de loop. Or something like that! I’ve been singing that to Adventure Boy since he was a baby! I was determined he’d watch some Shirley Temple movies and appreciate old movies and songs. He’s now 12 and he likes watching Shirley Temple movies AND it’s cute when he sings that animal crackers song to me. He also loves old vintage cartoons….because I would casually have him compare it to modern cartoons. Tom and Jerry is one of his favorites (mine too). Hehe

    1. Haha! That’s ok because that one Michael Jackson song still sounds like he’s saying, “You’re a vegetable…” Your thoughts on that song is a lot cuter though! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  1. Of course lollipops have patterns – at least this one does. I like you untraditional take on the theme. And the photo is great, brings associations of times gone by. Very sweet – literally!

    1. I’m thrilled you like my untraditional take on WP’s themes. Because, I am very untraditional regards to a lot of things in life. I’m working right now on my “Escape” theme for WP. It’s my own way of what I think of the word “escape” and how I relate to it in my everyday life. You are extremely observant in how I take my photos. I bet you realized I’m trying to “think outside the box” too, but at the same time making it a fun process of taking the photo. The past photos I’ve used myself in them which makes it a bit more of a challenge because I have to be in the picture too. I’d rather be behind the camera, haha. I used the “vintage” filter for this one! Thanks for your comment!

      1. I look forward to seeing the result of the “Escape”. Yes, I know the feeling when in front of the camera instead of behind… 🙂

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