A medieval city with European charm: My next vacation spot 2013

Hi friends,

A while ago I said I was planning to go to the Bahamas and Florida for vacation, but due to my mom not feeling well enough to go this year, she said to save the journey for another year. This has left me to decide to go somewhere else. My adventurous spirit and yearning to explore places will never cease to disappear from my heart and mind. Every year I long to escape to replenish my wander lust. I came across Quebec City from a travel site and decided that’s where I want to go this year. My goal is to go there either this Summer or Fall. One of the reasons why I am thrilled to visit Quebec City is because of it’s European feel. Most of the people there speak French, so that means I’ll have to brush up on my French skills. I’d love to spend a few days there too to see as much as I can. I’m still deciding how to get there, if I should take a train or plane. Watching those “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” movies has only peaked my interest to take a train there from Philadelphia. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m so excited as I carefully look at all the possibilities to see this great city! Quebec City, looking forward to having the most amazing time there!

Video credit: Quebecregion

9 thoughts on “A medieval city with European charm: My next vacation spot 2013

  1. I don’t know how long that train ride will be, but I would definitely train it…nothing like going through city by city on a train…something old yet new about it…soft seats help too

  2. I love a good train ride. I went across Canada by train when I was younger and it has always stayed with me. One day I will take another train trip.
    By the way, the French spoken in Quebec is quite different from Parisian French. They often don’t understand each other. Just a heads up.

    1. I’ve been on trains, but not one that goes long distances. I’ve always dreamed of traveling on one to some unknown and far away place. Quebec City isn’t exactly unknown, but you get my drift. LOL. About the French language. Hm. What should I do? How will I speak to them in the French that they can understand? LOL. Same with Portuguese (Pork n Cheese as some love to tease me about), the Portuguese in Portugal is different from the Portuguese in Brazil. Our Portuguese is actually sexier and prettier! Ha.

  3. Taking a train to anywhere in Canada is supposed to be a one in a lifetime thing. You should definitely go there by train! Quebec City is very nice. The atmosphere and architecture is beautiful 🙂 I’d say Fall is a good time because then you get to see the changing leaves also 😉 But then summer means there’s a lot more tourists and events going on! Especially since this summer Celine Dion is having her Las Vegas-like concert there.

    1. Oh wow. I want to experience a once in a lifetime (and many more if I like Quebec that much) trip! I’m big on architecture and that is one of the main reasons why I want to go. I’ve never been to an old fortified city before with such history. This is getting me ready for when I actually decide to visit Monte St. Michel in France someday. Soon. I hope. I’d love to go in Fall, but this place has gotten me so excited I want to go like…next week! LOL. It appears the general consensus is to take the train, so I will do that! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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