The Matrix Movie Review: Retold by Mom

Good morning my lovely friends! It’s Thursday and we have survived Hump Day and now have officially entered a new Month. I’m excited, are you? A little over 2 months from now I’ll be driving a jeep around the island of the Bahamas and hopefully swimming at the Dolphin Cover in Florida. More on that later.

Have you ever watched a movie with your mom that was probably not her “type”? You may cringe at certain scenes (in fear she may give you the glare) or laugh at the wrong name she called a character. It’s all in good fun! I found this cute video and thought I’d share it with all of you. I wish I had the talent to make a video like this with my mom in the background talking about a movie we both saw. Hope you all have a nice day and don’t let stupid people ruin your day just because they don’t like your blog! You are fantastic, awesome, lovable and all great things and it’s true because I SAID SO! Now go out there and continue writing your awesome blogs! xoxo!

Video credit: Pixelspersecond

31 thoughts on “The Matrix Movie Review: Retold by Mom

    1. It is! πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by! Btw, I love your profile Avatar picture. I have a soft spot for Godzillas. I like watching those Japanese Godzilla movies. The one with Mothra was pretty hysterical. Godzilla and his thunder thighs…cracks me up everytime! πŸ˜›


      1. Aww, thanks! Looking forward to seeing `moshimo`, lol!! I think I fell asleep. I was young. Maybe it bored me, I don’t remember. How did you like it??


  1. I was watching 16 candles and it was a PG movie. It had been a long time since I had seen it. My dad walked in right when there was a shower seen with a girl and he was like “WHAT are you watching!” It was so embittering.


    1. Haha, why is it that parents always step into the room at “that moment”? Is there some weird parental magnetic pull from the universe to movies we watch that pulls them in to those scenes? Sorry to hear about your embittering experience. I hope you recover in a bitter fashion, of course. πŸ˜›


  2. “Moshimo,” lol. I saw this a couple days ago in YouTube, and yes, very funny. I saw Matrix Reloaded with my step-mom many years ago and when that dance/sex scene was going to show, I made a lousy excuse to leave the room because I didn’t want to get the “glare.” Afterward, I heard a big sigh from her from a distance, lol.


      1. Godzilla is not cheesy! LOL! I like movies that challenge my thinking too, but once in a while, I gotta just watch brain fluff movies that doesn’t require much thinking. LOL πŸ˜› Gasp. Silent Hill. That looks scary!


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