“It’s good to be King!” says the iphone


Today on my way to work, I was thinking how the iphone is a killer! Yes, I said it. A killer! Here are some things you may remember that the iphone has killed off. Lol. If you know of any more, let me know in the comments below.

1. Lighters at concerts (people now just use their phone and wave it in the air)
2. Flashlights (just get an app for that)
3. Digital camera (well for some of us, we still love the real thing)
4. Video cameras (this is automatically installed in every phone)
5. Alarm clocks (remember those? With the two bells at the end? I know. Back in the stone ages, right?)
6. Coupons (people actually just scan their phones now)
7. Paper road maps! (Gps now baby!)
8. No more trivia bar nights! (Hey Suri, what is the capital of Cote d’Ivoire?)
9. Compasses! (my beloved Android likes this one)
10. Radio (I heart radio has free streaming)
11. Paper Checks (just take a picture of it and send it to your bank)
12. A real tax preparer (I’ve seen advertised how you can just take a picture of your tax forms and they do the rest)
13. A boombox (all your music is stored on your phone now. Just add loud speakers to your iphone for the boombox effect)
14. Remote control (for tv and DVRs)
15. Car starters (just punch a few digits and your car will start up outside)
16. Security cameras (just watch your house from your phone or watch your kids at daycare)
17. Real paper plane tickets (just show ’em your iphone with your electronic plane ticket in it)
18. The weather channel (you can read it on your phone now, screw those weather people with the bad skirts, shirts & hair)
19. Movie rental stores (you can now rent movies right off your phone–like I do!)
20. Those PSP clunky gadgets.
21. A stylist! (Hello Pinterest and hello to all my favorite outfits on there!)
22. Those clunky yellow pages books (it’s all in there for you to get an address)
23. Books with real pages (some people skip Kindle and just upload an app for books to read off their phone)
24. Scan machines! (Just wave that iphone over documents and voila!)

Ok. That is all I can think of. I personally love my Android and it has all those features listed above and more! What phone do you have and what super powers does it have? Amuse me!

I love it when Androids look all big and bad!

Photo credits: Yahoo Images

24 thoughts on ““It’s good to be King!” says the iphone

    1. Yes!! I personally love the “speech to text” feature (my own secretary) when I’m driving. My mom recently started texting from her phone and feels “hip”. 🙂

      1. I find Siri pretty crappy in terms of voice recognition but Google Voice is scary how good it will understand you and the speed at which it searches. best app ever.

      2. I’ve never used Siri, but I know about the Google Voice because that is front and center (it came that way) on my phone. It is pretty amazing how well it searches things with just a few words. Is it an app? It doesn’t show up as an app on my phone. :/

      3. Yep, it’s there. This morning my mom texted me and said she really enjoys using the Google Voice speech to text. I keep forgetting to use it for searches. I usually have everything I use already “bookmarked”. 😛

    1. It’s amazing, yes! You nailed it on the head of what you just wrote. I was driving listening to a local morning radio show and they were playing a tv clip from 10 years ago. They were talking about the Internet and one of the anchors from TV (NBC) was asking the others what an “internet” was and what it did. It was crazy and funny how they discussed what they thought it was. Try googling it and watch for yourself. In the year 2013, we are all asking things about what technology does and 10 years from now, we’ll all sound like dinosaurs! Haha! Great comment!

    1. Yes, I haven’t used my new Android yet as a companion alone at a restaurant. I use to have my other old phone and it was my constant companion, but it didn’t have the features I have now. When I’m alone I either watch a movie or play a game online as I wait or just as by myself. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Awesome post! So true in many cases. Now that I have a smart phone, I’ve been taking more pictures with my phone over the weekend. And my old cellphone is still my alarm because its the only one that wakes me up in the morning 🙂

    1. Yep, you and I both have Androids. Aren’t they the best? 😀 My digital camera has felt neglected recently because I’m using 3 different types of apps for editing my photos from my phone. My Android alarm clock drives me crazy, I cant stop it! I want to strangle it because I literally have to power it off! What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried everything and it won’t stop! I use my work phone as my alarm. Haha

      1. haha! I just use my old phone that works.. my phone now has weird ring tones to choose from..nothing like my old jungle beat to kick me out of bed. 😉 Its a good backup, my hybrid camera is dying on me now and it seems no one wants to fix it because they say its a bet whether it’ll cost hundreds or nothing…ughh…at least this one has nice quality pictures 🙂

      2. Funny how we use our phone for different things. My old phone is staying dead. Lol. I mean, I still have the same number, but I am so in love with my Android. It can do so much and I’m always pushing the limits on it to see what else it can do. I’m like you with the ringtones. I like to give people their own ringtone, but I’ve been too lazy to download any. What is a hybrid phone? Sorry to hear about your phone! It’s a shame they won’t fix it. :/

    1. Yay, another Android user! We shall take over the world! Muahaha! I like the high quality it has too. The first time I watched a movie off my new phone, I was amazed by the clarity. I had to add that picture of the Android at the end of the post. Hehe! 🙂

  2. Great Post Java, I don’t think I could live without my iPhone. In addition to all the great uses you mentioned, I also use mine for entertaining a four year-old when at places where he can’t run around all crazy, planes, restaurants, etc…

    1. Hey!! So great for you to swing by my little humble blog! Always appreciate your input and opinion. Yes, the iphone is a miracle worker when it comes to kids! Oh btw, your blogs show up on my emails, so now I can finally read all of them! I’ll be swinging by 3guys1movie’s page very soon! I’ve been busy all day today, I haven’t had time to answer all my comments until now…. :/

  3. Smart phones are a wonderful tool. I don’t think it matters whether you got an iPhone or and Android (which is what I got myself), they work equally well. I just wonder when my smart phone will come with a coffee machine, too. That would be something…

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