Let your light shine down on me

JavaGirl's Blog Photo 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a photo so I decided to break my usual routine and post something different. I took this picture coming out from my home yesterday. Instead of using my Nikon camera (it was a few feet away in my car), I pulled out my handy dandy little Android and snapped this photo. The original photo shows a peeking sun behind the clouds, but I didn’t like the way the clouds were moving. Like many of the people who already have Instagram on their phones, I too have the Instagram on my phone. I rarely use my Instagram though. So I came upon this cute app called “LittlePhoto” which has tons more effects than Instagram. I like to be a few steps ahead when it comes to my photography. LittlePhoto is better in regards to having more filters, shhhh! This is perfect for me now because Photobucket is driving me crazy insane with its recent changes. I can’t use many of the effects they use to have on there anymore because it’s very basic now which is certainly insulting for someone like me who spends time cropping and editing my photographs. Clearly, this will not be my last photo using LittlePhoto, that’s for sure. Below you’ll see what effect I used. Just to be clear, I’ll be using Instagram too, but I haven’t had time to set up my profile or load any pictures yet on there.

I was planning to go to the movies this weekend, but there doesn’t seem to be anything good playing right now. I guess that means another night at home renting something from Amazon.com to watch and review. I might have to check out some of my fellow movie review bloggers to see what they’ve reviewed to get an idea. I’m kinda liking the whole “true story” movies I’ve watched recently.

Camera Effects: Android. Little Photo App. Window light.

FYI: Because I didn’t have anyone help me with the LittlePhoto App, here are some suggestions once you download it and get started.

1. Take a picture (anything at this point to get use to the effects). Press anything on the screen. Flash is optional.
2. There will be a black section on your right hand side of your photo.
3. Click anywhere on the black section at the top.
4. You’ll see THREE DOTS (that’s like your “go back button”.
5. You’ll see Effect -(1)
6. Press that to see an effect.
7. If you want to choose another effect, click the “RELOAD” button. That will put your picture back to its original color.
8. You’ll see “LOMO 1”.
9. You’ll see “Lomo 2”.
10. If you save it from the app, it might save it to your Facebook if you want it there.
11. Unless you want to crop it and save it elsewhere, what I do is I also have another app called PicsArt where I do a lot of cropping and editing. I “save” my picture to the “Share to” and send it over to my other app PicsArt or “Gallery” on my phone where I crop it. PicsArt is another app I use a lot.
12. Unfortanetly, there isn’t a cropping button in the LittlePhoto.
13. Have fun discovering all the effects on LittlePhoto!

9 thoughts on “Let your light shine down on me

  1. I really like this photo. It’s beautiful and it’s mysterious and it’s spiritual. LittlePhoto sounds like a great app. I need to check it out. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Otto! You know me well. It is a spiritual and mysterious picture. It’s almost otherworldly too. I was driving home the other day and saw the most glorious sun rays coming through some dark clouds off into the distance. I love sun rays coming down. This filter made the sun rays extreme and I liked that effect. This picture makes me want to stand out in the midst of the sun rays and just take it all in..to be filled with anything that is good and of love. Therefore, I titled it “Let your light shine (down on me). I should change the title actually. Thanks for the comment and yes, check out the app!

  2. Thanks for this. I just uploaded little photo and am looking forward to playing with it. I installed instagram on my Android but really haven’t seen the appeal. Just from playing with little photo for a few minutes I can see that I will use it more.

    1. Yay! Isn’t it fun? I spend a lot of time just playing around with the effects. I personally think LittlePhoto is more mature and has more effects for serious photographers than Instagram. I like the Bokeh (under Tools) effect because you can make the background blurry and with a swipe of your finger, make what you want focused on the picture.

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