Are you a freelance writer? I need your advice!


Hey guys!

Just a short blog asking for some advice. This is not for me personally, but more of an advice column stemming from the commentators. I am very curious of which WordPress bloggers are freelance writers. If you wish, please leave a link to any of your professional work so that others can see not only your writings, but the layout of your page as well.

1) Where are good places to find freelance work online?

2) What are some tips for writing a writing resume?

3) Do you need a business license as an independent contractor?

4) How and where do you find clients?

5) Any other advice you could share from personal experience?

Thanks! I look forward to your answers.

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8 thoughts on “Are you a freelance writer? I need your advice!

  1. I have been writing for other people for some time so I guess we can officially call me a freelance writer. I write a few blogs, I handle a few Facebook business pages and I write content for websites. For me, people who read my blog started asking me if I would consider writing one for them. I did and from there it was word of mouth. I did join a local business group and basically my spiel is, “you don’t have time to write so let me do it for you”. Most business owners either don’t have the time, inclination or the skill to write and are happy to pay someone. My linked in profile is basically my resume. I have found that a lot of the online sources for writing gigs are very hard to get and don’t pay enough. Email me if I can help with anything else.

  2. Great questions. Great idea. I have a million questions of my own. Too bad not a lot of people have answered. I could see this being a great idea for a blog all of it’s own. I have wondered some pretty amature-ish questions myself… such as when you are finally ready to submit things… (I know all my places are different) but for the most part… do people just send a file or do they actually still send a hard copy of their manuscript? and other embarrasing questions like that! Would love to know!!!

    1. Excellent questions Coastalmom! I have wondered myself. I posted this blog up in case anyone else had questions that needed some answering to. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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