I’ll always love her.


Hi guys!

Guess who has a digital camera? After what seemed forever. My other camera is still missing! Still getting use to this camera and all its functions. When I get around to buying that point and shoot Olympus camera I really want, I’ll just use this one. This picture isn’t one of my best, but like my friend Munchow once said that even the most imperfect pictures can appear perfect to someone else. The more I stared at it, the more I liked it. I get a sense of peace, calm, quiet, serene and haunting sense from it.

Last night, we went to an artsy town by my mom’s house and walked around. The Victorian carriage ride you see here was just taking off with the latest group of people in it after dropping us off. I was fumbling around my purse for my camera to snap a picture of the horse “Butch”, but before I could hold still, Butch decided to take off almost sprinting down the road! Nevertheless, I was able to take a somewhat fuzzy picture as a result. The carriage ride itself was nice and peaceful. There is something really cool about hearing the rhythm of horse’s hooves on the road as you take in the scenery around you. As we rode down the street, people would wave hello and take pictures. The stores were lit up and the Christmas decorations were hanging with candles inside windows. The night was very foggy and chilly which only added to the mood. Earlier we had stopped in the cutest store to look at what they had (ok, we were really there to eat the pecan and chocolate cookies) and came away with some great smelling Australian soaps. The couple that owned the store were the nicest store owners I’ve come across in ages and their flower arrangements were outstanding. I seriously have them in mind for anything I might need them for in the future. So, while we were riding on the carriage ride, we saw them standing outside the store talking and when they saw us, they waved hello and smiled real big.

Earlier in the day, a woman who I used to babysit for her 6 children had stopped by my mom’s house for a visit. Her youngest is 15 years old now who is popular in school, on the football team, making good grades and very happy. When he was a toddler, he was “my baby”. I loved that kid as if he was my own! He was just the cutest little thing and I just took real good care of him. Of course, her other kids were just as amazing and I took them to parks all the time and we would all have a great time. Anyways, so his mom told me that she and him had talked about me recently and she said in his exact words: “I remember her! Oh, mom. I’ll always love her.” She said he just adored me and hearing that just warmed my heart. I have good memories of babysitting her children.

Moral of the story. You never know the impact you’ll have on children even at the earliest age, so treat them with respect and lots of love. They’ll always remember you for that.

11 thoughts on “I’ll always love her.

    1. Yes, that’s what I thought after I read yours. I had read it several hours later after I published mine and I thought they were very similar! That’s so cool! Your blog was very well written and I loved the twist at the end.

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Your description and the photo make me think of the perfect Christmas snow globe. I can hear the horses clip clopping down the streets.
    Children do remember how you treat them and they will love you for it. He was a very lucky little boy.

    1. Awww and I love snow globes! Aren’t they the best? I remember watching “Mary Poppins” and that was my first introduction to the snow globes or it seemed with the woman feeding the pigeons. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. I am indeed a lucky babysitter for watching such amazing children. 🙂

  2. I have also said that it’s not the camera that makes good pictures, but the person behind. As is obvious here. I certainly wouldn’t worry about not having the perfect dream camera, just use whatever you have. And the result is quite amazing when you have tuned into your vision. I like this picture very much, exactly for the blurry movements. It makes it much more alive and I can really get a feeling of being right there. I love the reddish colour cast from incandescent light, it adds some extra Christmas feeling along with the big snow flake in the upper right corner. And I totally agree with you. All kids should be treated with love and respect.

    1. My dream camera is the GoPro Hero 3 Black! Can’t wait until I have that a baby in my hands. Yes, I agree. I took your advice and posted it anyways even if I was somewhat unsure of it. I do like my fuzzy and hurried pictures! 🙂 Thanks for your kind and wise words my friend!

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