New MacGyver movie?!

Yep. It’s true! Word on the streets is that there are plans for a MacGyver movie and excited is an understatement from this JavaGirl! James Wan (director of the movie “Saw”) plans to be part of the process. There is no word yet if Richard Dean Anderson will reprise his role in it. I can’t imagine any other actor playing “MacGyver”. Here is my dream plan. I’d love to see RDA reprise his role, but have a young protege (if you will) that he teaches to carry on the torch. Which brings me to wonder, who in the world could even be up to challenge that role? MacGyver didn’t use a gun nor did he use a whip; he used his intelligence. Even as a child watching MacGyver speak in Portuguese (it was dubbed), I thought, “Wow. This man is so smart, I want to marry a guy just like him when I grow up!” Thanks MacGyver. You raised the bar way too far for any man. Just kidding. In the opening of the show where they show MacGyver doing all the stunts with the music, there is a quick scene where he is riding down a sand dune. For some reason, just seeing that puts a smile on my face because sliding down on a plastic bag on a beach sand dunes (five stories high) in Brazil was a favorite past time for me. It just brings back childhood memories when I see that quick clip.

So back to the young protege. MacGyver was a sensitive guy, but was at the same time very manly with a freshness of sarcasm. We all know he could build a bomb with practically anything. That’s what kept the audiences captivated through the years to see what he could come up with. So, the protege would need to have the same qualities, but with the quick wit and intelligence of MacGyver. The movie would have to be different because if it wasn’t, it would be just another spy movie. MacGyver stood out because of how he got out of situations using very little items which at that time in the 80’s was unheard of. The show also helped expand our curiousity and creativity of resources when on a whim! I know it did for me! I still love being in a situation and getting my “MacGyver on” and looking super smart in front of friends. Ok, so I watch a little of “Man vrs Wild” too, but that’s just between you and I. There was a certain sweetness about MacGyver that also radiated onscreen when he encountered his enemies. I was watching past episodes on YouTube and initially I thought, “Oh Mac! Did you seriously have to be so sweet to him?”, but of course, MacGyver than throws a good punch at the guy and runs away off to save the world. Off topic, did you notice his Minnesotan accent? I never did until recently. It’s quite charming.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Were you ever a MacGyver fan such as I? What were some of your favorite episodes? What do you think the new movie needs to have to make MacGyver be with “the times”? Do you think MacGyver could outsmart James Bond and Ethan Hunt in today’s world? Who do you think MacGyver would be a better team with?


10 thoughts on “New MacGyver movie?!

  1. Michelle Gillies

    My only worry would be that RDA comes off as feeble as Harrison Ford did in that last Indian Jones movie. Harrison will always be Indiana and he his protege was a bad pick. I like to remember MacGyver as he was and RDA will always be MacGyver. So I guess it would depend on what shape he is in for the movie and who they picked to be his protege.

    1. Yes, RDA is a very classy man. There will always be one MacGyver, just like there will always be ONE Spiderman (Toby M.). I think he’d make a cool older MacGyver who is wiser. I’d think he’d pull it off, especially since he’s been acting on a regular basis and since this movie won’t be his entrance back into society after decades of absence. I just hope they get good writers that capture the attention of the audience back then, but with current themes of today’s generation and issues.

      1. Well, it was good and painful to watch. Honestly, I haven’t watched SNL since the Cheri Oteri days as I think she was genius in comedic timing. The problem I saw was that the writers for last night’s episode must have been drunk or have some sudden lack of imagination. I felt bad that Jeremy Renner who is a two time Oscar nominee would be handed a luke warm script. In the beginning of the show, his piano’s sound was “off” so you couldn’t hear him play! Being the cool guy he is, he played it off until it got fixed. I think that might have put him in a position where anything else could have gone wrong. I’ve been reading and am still reading the many articles about how Jeremy was as a host. I personally have seen how funny he can be on his own without script and he’s a funny guy! But when the writing is lack luster, it doesn’t showcase his brilliance as an actor nor his natural ability to be funny. Jeremy is a witty guy and some of the interviews I’ve seen of him has me cracking up because he’s hilarious! Oh well. I did like the Avenger’s scene, but other than that, the stupid “Hometown” skit made my eyes bleed and Maroon 5 did not impress me with their singing. Jeremy’s voice was fantastic, of course. If you go to SNL’s official webpage, you’ll see ALL the clips of the show. Tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your professional opinion. 🙂

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