Sometimes I just need a hug…..

(Photo credit: Global Disaster Relief)


I don’t even know where to begin with this one, but I felt the need to blog about it. I was on Facebook and saw this picture and thought, “Hey, that’s a cool picture. It pretty much sums up what most of us here in the Tri-State area need psychologically and physically right now.” Sure, my home wasn’t destroyed and even my electric stayed on during the storm. Someone explained to me that since we were right in the “eye of the storm”, the winds did not affect us as much. The winds were turning counter-clockwise from the radius of where we live, so the farther away someone was from us, the more affected they got. The towns farther away got hit the most and the counter-clockwise turns of the hurricane made the ocean come in farther into land. If the hurricane was turning clockwise, the ocean level would have been pulled back. The fact that we also had a full moon, also did not help much in the water level.

In saying all this, the devastation of the hurricane everywhere has not made me less sympathetic. It has affected me in other ways, believe me. Do you think it makes me happy to see people suffering and rummaging through the trash to find food? That’s what they were doing in NYC. Do you think it makes me say, “Well, those rich people deserved to have their beach houses destroyed anyways!” No, of course not. Because I have a heart. If you could see how many people are helping each other out here and the countless charities giving out meals everyday and volunteers, you would see that people do have a heart. Things are improving very slowly. Rebuilding will take time and there is still a lot that needs to be done. The memories are still fresh, but they will heal in time too. Our Governor is doing his best in getting NJ back up and running again.

So, when I scrolled down to the comments below this picture (the one you see above) on Facebook on the Global Disaster Relief (CLICK the LINK) GLOBAL DISASTER RELIEF ON FACEBOOK , it saddened me greatly to see all the hatred and negativity from people. Not all of them were brash and cruel, just to be clear. How can people be so cold hearted in a situation like this? Seeing those comments made me tear up. It really made me sad that people can think that way in a very serious situation with no regards to the total destruction of homes and dreams of people. I’ve seen very close up pictures of homes that just have twisted metal here and there and mattresses in the yard with nothing left except the base of the house. With Facebook, there isn’t a “reply” button to defend their opinions to the facts, just that “like” button of other heartless people who agree with the negativity. Most of the time when I see people suffering, I just want to hug them and take away all their problems, but there are other times when I feel I’m the one who needs the hug.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes I just need a hug…..

  1. It’s always better to ignore the comments that people like this make and foous on the people who do actually care. On line you are always going to find an array of personalities and there will always be some who are pointless to engage in an argument with since they are simply doing what they do and saying what they say to upset and antagonise others; Better to focus on the people within the post itself and forget about the idiots; since life will always move on without them- Hugs to you and feel better soon x

    1. Aww, you are so sweet! Thanks for you comment! They were pretty “colorful” comments over there, I must say. I’m good. I never stay sad too long before I’m up and running around again! 🙂

  2. Michelle Gillies

    Consider this a hug from me.
    People who react to things like that in that way are really the ones who need the hugs. I think they are so filled with negativity, hatred and self loathing that they project what they are feeling this way. They probably are angry, hurt and afraid and have no one. Not one person that can calm them and give them a hug.
    The people in New Jersey will be fine in time. They have love, friendship, support, understanding, each other etc. It is a strong community and they will be there for each other.
    The negative commentators … they have nothing.

    1. Thanks Michelle! People who know me very well know I’m a fireball and a tough person, but those comments were uncalled for. They are entitled to their own opinions, but there are times and places for them, not when people should be putting aside their differences and work together in unity. Oh well! Thanks for the hug! I love free hugs! 🙂

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