I think I’m prepared…..

What? There’s a storm coming? Hm. According to the Weather Channel’s latest alerts, I am right in the pathway of the category 1 Hurricane. I live in South Jersey where it appears the brunt of this storm will happen and the surrounding areas. According to my local weather news, tomorrow we will have winds up to 50 mph and lots of rain. Right now, there are only warnings of coastal floodings and our Governor has ordered mandatory evacuations from Long Beach Island all the way to the tip of South Jersey called Cape May. Right this very minute, the winds are only 15 miles an hour (not enough to make my hair go up like a troll) and there is slight rain. I guess tonight the rain will pick up.

So, we went to the store to buy a few things and saw that it was packed and people were busy buying water and bread. It seemed like everyone had a full cart of everything possible. I had to take a peek at some carts just out of curiosity. I saw one lady with lots of wine bottles, but no water. People were nice and polite and casually moved out of each other’s way as they shopped. I overheard many times over the speakers this message:

Due to the State of Emergency that the Governor has issued, we will be closed tomorrow for the safety of our shoppers. We will resume back to our regular hours on Tuesday morning.”

There are many warnings of possible days without electricity, so I bought a 6 hour log for the fireplace for a very cold night without electricity. We love our fireplace! If I lived up in a cabin in the mountains with only a fireplace or wood stove to make food, I would be just fine. Microwaved hot foods taste differently from foods that are cooked over an open fire or a wood stove. The nights will be cold, but we have plenty of blankets and we’ll be fine. Adventure Boy reminded me that I can fill up many of my zip lock bags with water and freeze them overnight in my freezer. I did that last time in place of buying iced bags. I just make my own. Just go to a dollar store and buy a 2-3 boxes of zip lock bags and freeze the water inside of them. The little zip lock bags are small enough to surround any foods you don’t want to perish during loss of electricity. Last time I did this, my electric stayed on and I had many zip log bags full of water, but at least I was prepared. Anyways, bought lots of water bottles, eggs and orange juice (with lots of pulp!). I figured, orange juice will help the immune system stay in check, especially if the electricity goes out. I got some batteries for our handy dandy little flashlight.

My mentality isn’t one of concern. I can survive on the smallest things. We have a gas oven, so I know I can cook things to eat and make homemade bread; another reason why I didn’t buy a loaf of bread. If the milk goes bad, I have powered milk I can mix with water. The only thing that concerns me is charging up my phone. But it’s not like I am in the middle of nowhere in the mountains all alone and I have to travel 4 hours to the nearest place with electricity. I just have to go somewhere where there is electric and charge my phone. That is, IF we are allowed to travel by car anywhere. After Sandy passes, will there be trees lying across the roads? Will the roads be flooded that no one can go down certain streets? Just some of my thoughts.

Nevertheless, I have plenty of foods and snacks to last for a while, even if there is no damage from the storm and I continue with electricity. I’m just wondering if I have to go to work tomorrow. Will the schools be closed? I’d rather be home playing Scrabble with Adventure Boy or reading a book. Home on the range type of stuff. I do wish I got a little radio.

I hope everyone else is preparing or prepared already. My fellow bloggers who live in the range of the hurricane, I hope you guys will be safe as well. Let us all know how you are doing.

Photo Credit: Weather Channel

8 thoughts on “I think I’m prepared…..

  1. Michelle Gillies

    I didn’t see this post yesterday. I seem to be quite far behind with my reading and responding. By now I am hearing those 15 mph winds have moe up to 90 mph. Please stay safe and let us know you and Adventure Boy are OK as soon as you can.

    1. Thank you Michelle, that means a lot. Did you get my email at your gmail? Just wondering. How are things up there in Canada? I’m enjoying my electricity while I still have it. I hope we don’t lose it. Last time, everyone around us lost their electricity, but we were some of the very lucky ones who still had it. I’m hoping that happens again. Just finished laundry and about to jump in the shower.

      1. Michelle Gillies

        I did get your email. I emailed you back right after this comment was written so hopefully you have seen it now.

  2. Glad to see you made it safe. Have been watching pictures on TV about battered south jersey shoreline. I am near long Island, we have lot of fallen trees but fortunately our block didn’t lose power.

    1. Yes, our coastline has been changed drastically. A lot of the shoreline and roads of where we use to have a beach house has been wiped out! I’ve heard of Long Island and the damages you guys have felt over there. This storm has been crazy! Houses and roads can be fixed, but not lives. Glad you all are safe and well. Thanks for stopping by!

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