Where heaven meets earth (Atulcha, Chile)

Hello friends!

Just a quick update. My digital camera is still missing in action. I’ve looked everywhere this weekend for it and it is still eluding me. After taking some great photos with my Minolta camera the past few weeks, I was turning the top metal knob to rewind the film and I heard a weird noise. After that sound, the knob turned easily. I later opened it to find a big rip into my film! All that work! I had gone to see parachuters this afternoon and thought I had taken great shots with my zoom lens, but now they are all gone. I was quite disappointed, but I just bought another roll of film and it’s sitting in my camera ready to be used starting today!

This month so far has been excellent regarding my job work, but a bit of a disappointment in other aspects. I was supposed to go to a Masquerade Ball to bring awareness to a Children’s Charity in a few weeks, but my friend was not able to take off that night to go with me. I wasn’t about to go and walk the streets of Philadelphia to get to my car at midnight by myself. Maybe it’s a good thing my friend didn’t come along because he was acting all crazy and thinking it was “date” I was asking him to go to. It wasn’t. I was just asking him to come strictly as a friend. It was a bit strange as he was acting a little too excited to be going and thinking it was a start of something new. I don’t know. I thought he was going to handle just being a friend and have fun. I wasn’t looking for anything more. I guess I live and learn. The guys who are pretty relaxed, fun and good friends of mine live too far away to ask them to come for one night to a ball. Maybe next time I’ll invite someone who is really into charity work because that takes the pressure off of it being a “date” and more of a unified and shared passion for helping others. Lesson learned. Finding single guys who are really into charities is hard these days. It’s funny, every time I mention or write about my “love” life my views go up. You guys are funny!

Anyways. It’s been a busy day for me today and I’m ready for this week. I thought I’d share these amazing pictures of Atulcha, Chile. Pictures like these inspire musicians, artists, poets and writers. I am in awe each time I see these pictures. Hope you like them. Proper credit is given below.


Photo Credits: Wah Funny, Simple Browser, One Big Photo, Designs and Projects

11 thoughts on “Where heaven meets earth (Atulcha, Chile)

  1. Michelle Gillies

    You have certainly had your share of camera issues lately. Let’s hope this role of film makes it to development. I’m sorry you missed the Ball, men are just idiots some times. Hopefully, next year it will be worth the extra year wait. 😉


    1. Thanks! Yep, some guys are total idiots. Next time, it will be with someone more worthy and who truly wants to help a charity. It’s a shame all my good guy friends live far away from me, they would have been more of a class act to bring along. Yes, I hope they have it again next year. Until then, I’m still going to buy that ball gown I saw juuuuuuust in case! How have you been?! 🙂


  2. Bummer that you aren’t going because I know you were looking forward to it. Now I feel bad that I won’t be able to fill in. After all … I know you wanted to waltz, so here’s one for you.


    1. Beautiful!!! Thank you Frank! Wow, they are really good! I was mesmerized for those 2 minutes of how they just glide across the floor with such grace and beauty. Waltzing really is a gorgeous dance and you can def tell if a couple enjoys dancing with each other…it’s all in the way they move. Champions as they should be! Oh believe me, I’ll just still go to a future ball, I just don’t know when. It will give me more time to practice some steps. Thanks for stopping by Frank, my dear friend!


    1. Me too! Nothing worse than after taking all the time toi get wonderful pictures to open up your camera to see the entire film ripped!! I’m still taking pictures with my new roll of film and still trying to find my digital. Keep up the great work with your photography; you are incredibly talented!


  3. Yikes! I’m gonna hate the day when I lose or do something horribly wrong to my camera and lens. You must be devastated. I can just imagine. My latest lens, I have to put a dollar or two everyday just to be able to save up for it. Hope a replacement comes soon.


    1. Aww. Believe me, internally I am sobbing over the loss of my camera. Lol. Maybe not. I’m a bit happy because I plan to buy an Olympus next, woohoo! I am just feeling very impatient of when I am able to buy my new camera. Perhaps very soon! It’s like a part of me is missing and I can’t function or have an outlet of my expression, other than blogging. What kind of camera do you have and what are the lenses you are saving up for? I am very curious now! Anywho. Thanks for dropping by Rommel!


      1. I have Canon T2i. I know, completely digital. I just bought the new lens wide lens last month. 😀 I now have 4. Ambitious, but it’s for my passion of traveling.


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