Someone broke the sound barrier today!

Hey guys!

How are you all? I know I’ve been missing in action, but I do have to tell you what else has been “missing in action”. My digital camera! I believe I left it at my mom’s house. To make matters worse, she is having a house sale of items next Saturday, so I have to go a bit early and see if I can rescue my camera, where ever it may be. I always like a little challenge and finding it may be quite interesting. I’m not that concerned though. I know that sounds horrible, but I’ve got my little vintage Minolta  hanging around my neck as it should be. Even if I did  lose my digital camera, I wouldn’t care. I prefer my Olympus digital which took better pictures and was much slimmer which allowed me to put it in my back pocket of my jeans. It just makes posting pictures longer because I have to get the film developed then upload it from the CD to my laptop. I’ve already started using the film in my Minolta today, so I can get on the ball of uploading those once they are developed.

This weekend has been fun filled and relaxing. Usually my weekends include doing massive documenting regarding my clients, researching things online and planning for the week ahead. I had to do a report on 27 of former and current clients and was able to do it in an hour, plus hand in other information. I’m pretty good with deadlines, even though it may come down to crunch time, I will deliver. So, in saying that, I was able to chill out with no stress or worries. I’m ahead in where I should be at work and it’s a good feeling. I have more deadlines, but they are simple. Adventure Boy and I watched “Atlas Shrugged I” Friday night to understand “Atlas Shrugged II” Saturday night when we went to the movies. Adventure Boy can now explain to anyone what 10-289 means and the Fair Share Law. My boy can discuss trance music, politics, movies, games, tv, National Geographic and science to name a few and is learning to say “thank you” in 9 different languages (just like his mommy!). Go see the movie, it’s great! The first few minutes of the movie my adrenaline was already running! Anyways, I continue to do my favorite hot chocolate drink. I thought I had uploaded the pictures I wanted regarding  how to make it, but they are still in my missing in action camera! Perhaps, my Minolta camera shall come to the rescue? It will take longer to upload though. Hm. Things to think about.

So, I heard someone broke the sound barrier today? Whenever I hear those two words, sound barrier, my ears perk up.  I’ve always connected the sound barrier with one of my heroes, Chuck Yeager! Who is Chuck Yeager? Well, he was a test pilot who was the first person to break the sound barrier in 1947. One of my all time favorite movies is “The Right Stuff” that had Sam Shepard playing Chuck Yeager. The movie shows what it was like for Chuck when he broke the sound barrier in 1947. This movie is dear to my heart because it also includes the lives and events surrounding the astronauts.

So, Felix Baumgartner did an amazing feat today! I was out shopping when I got an “alert” on my phone saying he was about to jump. I was not able to watch it live like many fortunate people. The same thing happened when the man walked on a tightrope across to Canada. I missed that too! So, I had to watch it on YouTube. In case you missed it, I have it below for you to watch. Would you do this? I was holding my breath just watching the YouTube version, I can’t imagine what his family was feeling watching him free fall. Well, at least this was just not just an epic jump, but he was also working closely with scientists to help develop better suits for future astronauts. (?)

Congratulations Felix in your amazing feat today! You made history!

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Video credit: TheCraziestVids Channel

12 thoughts on “Someone broke the sound barrier today!

  1. I also missed the live event because I was playing a game of football. But even watching the replay on youtube gave me chills and goosebumps. It’s just amazing what he did.

    1. Java Girl

      It is amazing once you stand back and see how little we are compared to this big planet we live in and to see how he survived it! We are survivors even in the most incredible situations if our inner spirit allows us. I know he kept saying he was fighting not to open his parachute too early, but held on until he had to open it.

  2. I’m reading the first part of the book now. I havn’t seen the movie(s) yet, but can’t wait to go to see it. 🙂 I wish the movietheaters show the movies everywhere… but its political and very advance. Did you know the author of the book “Atlas Shrugged” Ayn Rand was a russian – american? She was born in the communist Russia in 1905, fled to the U.S as young adult and went to be an american citizien. She died in 1982 (30 years ago). She is one of the greatest thinkers in our time. Didyou know that it has take over 20 years to make the movies? The director had problem to find the right actors for the movies. Bcause the Hollywood is very liberal and don’t want to be apart of it. So theactors in the movie is not democratic supporters,they are lean more to the Republicians. 😉

    1. Wow, I did not know all that! You’ve really done your research! Well, in the second movie, there is “that place” Dagney goes to and I was thinking, “I wonder if there is really a place like that here on earth”, but it looked like she broke some kind of sound barrier to get to it. Well, now at least I can try to finish the book and see what will happen on Part 3. This is a very, very condensed book full of tiny details-no wonder it has been made into a trilogy!

  3. I saw Baumgartner jump live… And it was just exhilarating… I tried to do a write-up on it but figured no amount of words would do it justice. Would I do it? At the moment, I’d say ‘yes’. Of course, I’ve got two feet on the ground and I’ve never been that high before. But I think my life would be complete after. Even if I died?

    1. You can still write a blog about it! Remember, a true writer follows no rules, they just go upon how they feel at the moment. Some things in life that happen are hard to describe or even express on blogs, but if you can just do your best in writing it as best as you can,others will understand it. You should give it a shot, I’ll read it. 🙂 As for Felix, several others perished attempting that epic feat. Wonder what they felt as they fell to their demise, “Was this worth it?” It’s good Felix did this jump because it will give scientists better information as to what happens to the body and can improve any further measures that need to be tweeked. Once they have it all perfect, then you and I can jump off the edge of space knowing perfectly well we will survive it! Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I might just do that.

        “Was it worth it?” is actually an interesting thought to ponder. I’m sure they’d say, yes, considering they know what they’re pursuing and what the risks are. Our actions are usually driven by some sort of insatiable thought, usually something which we have no control over. We’re usually prepared to take the worst no matter what course of action we pursue. Sometimes our actions don’t really fly with our friends and family, who might view as a bit unhinged. Still, it was pretty emotional watching Felix on his knees at the end with his hands raised to the sky.

        And you’re right. There are a lot of scientific breakthroughs this event achieved, so it wasn’t just a win for Red Bull.

      2. “Our actions are usually driven by some sort of insatiable thought, usually something which we have no control over.”– I absolutely love how you put that and I agree 100%. I’ve always been somewhat of a rebel or should I say, someone who takes the least trodden path not just because I want to, but because I have to. I need to explore and see things or do things that might not always make people happy. Oh well. We only have one life, right? The older you get, the faster life goes. Now Felix has bragging rights to tell his grandkids what grandpa did one day! 🙂

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