If you could travel through time, what period would you visit?

Hi guys!

So nice to see you here! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Well, Fall has arrived a bit early and the days are so much nicer and cooler. I have an idea I’d like to photograph using Fall leaves, but I have to wait just a bit longer until they change to the colors I need for the picture.

So, do time travelers really exist? Time travel stories have always fascinated me and thanks to the great classic, “A Wrinkle In Time”, I was hooked. I still read astro physics/quantum leap types of books when I can. One of my favorite books is called “Einsteins’s Dreams” by Allen Lightman which talks about physics and time. Mr. Lightman writes short stories in his book and you learn about physics without really knowing you are learning it. His fictional stories of how Einstein saw time and how it relates to gravity and all that good stuff is actually interesting. If you want to make me sleep, send me a Moby Dick novel. I’ll be asleep by 2 minutes by the sheer exhaustion of boredom.

The pictures below have been argued over and over of whether or not that is a time traveler in this infamous photograph taken in the 1940’s. People are determined that he is a time traveler and he’s just checking out what’s happening so he can report to the future. Others claim, it is a hoax because of the lighting and shadow of his left ear. Others say, he’s a mountain climber due to his sweater and sunglasses. What do my fellow Canadian readers say? Or anyone else. Is it a bona fide photoshopped hoax? I honestly think it’s not a hoax and he really does belong there even though it would be fun to believe he was from the future.

He was later spotted in another picture.

Which brings me to the creepy picture of the old lady who was discovered in a Charlie Chaplin movie walking by with what appears to be an iphone. Maybe she got mad because the app she wanted wasn’t available. Who knows. The logical answer is that she is holding a hearing aid. But in the video, she is “talking” into it. At first I thought she was shielding her eyes with her hand from the sun. As for why she’s talking to the flat object in her hand is beyond me. I find this picture much more disturbing for some reason. Maybe it’s just the zebra hanging out there. What do you think? What do you think she was saying? I’d love to hear your humorous replies.

Oh. And as for my answer, it’s quite simple. 1925. Yes, I know it would be hard for a bit without the microwave and cell phones, but the only reason why I pick that specific date is because I would want to meet up with J.R.R.Tolkien and discuss his books with him and how it relates to the future. I think he’d be quite impressed, shocked, interested and curious (especially about the films and Peter Jackson). I’d tell him about digital computer animation and gollum. Other than that, I’d want to hurry up and return to 2012 and continue downloading music from iTunes into my ipod.

Photo credit: Cbs news, Time Original, Time Travel Hipster

9 thoughts on “If you could travel through time, what period would you visit?

  1. Wow! Lots to think about early on a Monday morning. I have never really thought about time travel that much but, I like to think anything is possible. If you had told anyone in that photo about computers, walking on the moon or television they wouldn’t have thought it could happen. You have now got me wanting to read “Einsteins’s Dreams” by Allen Lightman.

  2. Nice post .. I wonder the same too many times .. I would like to travel back to 1994 .. i was just 5 then .. would love to relive my childhood again .. and be out of the virtual online world .. it was a much better & beautiful place

    1. Me too. I would have loved to go back to the time I was just around that age too because I was very close to my grandfather. My grandfather taught me early on how a gentleman should treat a lady (opening doors, pulling out chairs etc) because at his age (80 yrs), he had a “lady friend” and I watched how he treated her like a queen. To me, at that age, it was very impressionable for me to see that and to incorporate how men should treat me. He also would take me to see old black and white movies of Fred Astaire. He was an awesome man. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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